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We’re Buying Comic Book Collections

Nerds on Earth is interested in buying your comic book collection!

Actually, it’s me (Clave) that is interested because I bought Amazing Spider-Man #200 off a spinner rack in 1980, an event that turned my into a Marvel Zombie, driving me to fill in the gaps in my ever-expanding Marvel Bronze Age comic book collection.

added a picture of my two assistants so you’d stop scrolling and pay attention.

Here are some details:

  • I love referrals!! If you have a neighbor hoping to clear out a garage, an uncle cleaning out an attic, or a buddy in Wisconsin looking to get out of collecting, please share my info with them. My email is clave [dot] jones @ nerdsonearth [dot] com
  • I’m looking to buy collections, not make a bunch of single issue transactions. So if you are looking for the ease of unloading 10+ longboxes at fair price all at once, then I’m your Nerd.
  • I’m most interested in Bronze Age Marvel, but I like Modern and late Silver as well, plus I won’t turn up my nose at DC or Indie comics. But it’s those 70s and 80s Marvel comics that turn me on.
  • Actually, I have a growing interest in really old military, romance, and horror comics. It’s a miracle to find those vintage comics in good condition, so I’m willing to spend some time with you to talk through what you may have on your hands after you found a pile of comics in your dad’s attic.
  • I live in Minneapolis, so I’m looking for collections in the Upper Midwest where I don’t need to drive more than a few hours.
  • I’m not a dealer that will insist on buying you out at 10 cents on the dollar. I’m looking to fill out and grow my collection, so while I won’t pay speculator prices, I’ll give a fair offer and you’ll get the ease of a single transaction where your books will find a good home.
  • Reach if you are looking part with your collection and please keep me in mind if you know of someone who may be thinking about it. If you’ve read Nerds on Earth before, you know we love comics. Again, my email is clave [dot] jones @ nerdsonearth [dot] com
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