Nerds on Earth
The best place on Earth for nerds.

We love to bring nerdy stuff – whether it be new board games, miniatures, sci-fi or fantasy books, roleplaying games, comics, and more – to the attention of our readers.

So bring on your PR or marketing pitches! You can email any review, promotional, or marketing pitches to these emails:

You can mail advance review copies or playable game releases to the following address:

Nerds on Earth, LCC
c/o Clave Jones
3312 Alabama Ave S.
St. Louis Park, MN 55416

While we can’t promise that we will immediately respond to every pitch that comes in, we do promise that every one will be considered thoroughly by a core contributor.

Nerd Culture Promotional Opportunities

We receive a lot of requests to promote things and we can’t cover it all. If you are trying to make a good impression, here are a few things to keep in mind:

1. Be familiar with Nerds on Earth. Many of us are parents. We have families. We might skirt PG-13, but we we’re not interested in things that are wildly inappropriate.

2. We write about things we’ve experienced ourselves; we’re not going to copy and paste a press release. A loaner, an advanced review copy, a prototype, or a demo really helps.

3. We spend a lot of time on our reviews. Between learning the game (or reading the book, etc.), playing it through a couple times, spending a couple hours organizing our thoughts, then sitting down to writing, we’ve sunk a lot of hours into what we do.

So basic curtesy – rather than treating us as a tool to merely help you meet your engagement goals – is appreciated. And a free review copy or a sample of the finished campaign project is a nice gesture.

4. We can’t guarantee that we will write up everything. Sometimes it doesn’t spark our interest. And sometimes there’s just not enough hours in the day. We all have busy day jobs, and the podcasts, videos and articles at Nerds on Earth are something we do on the side, because we’re nerdy that way. And we get lots of requests, so talk to us early.

5. One important note. Our honest opinions are NOT for sale. We’re nerds through and through, so we go into products really wanting to love them, so our reviews skew positive as a result. We’re enthusiasts, so we aim to be enthusiastic about products. (Read this for more clarification.)

That said, we must be 100% honest with our readers and we must express our opinion with integrity. Here is the process we follow if we do not like a product, book, or game:

  • If our primary reviewer sticks out his tongue and gives a thumbs down, then…
  • That reviewer will offer it to a 2nd reviewer. Maybe the 2nd reviewer will love it and can offer genuine praise.
  • If neither reviewer likes it, we’ll simply walk away, no hard feelings. It is basically following the rule of ‘if you can’t say ANYTHING nice, then don’t say anything at all.’


We feel the above process allows creators to get the positive reviews they are seeking, while also allowing our writers to maintain their integrity and not feel any pressure to write anything they don’t 100% stand behind.

We look forward to hearing from you.


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