Do you like comics or superheroes or games or movies or really good sci-fi?

If you do, you’ve found the right place. We’re a group of earth nerds who want to create a lovely home for you.

If you don’t play board games or like superheros or enjoy a good fantasy novel, you’re also in the right place, because we want to show you how amazing these things are. The amount of cool stuff for nerds is awe-inspiring, and it’s all dedicated to letting you get lost in a wonderful world of imagination, socialization, wonder and friendship. Isn’t that something?

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The Earth Nerds are…

Jason Sansbury / @earthnerdjason


Jason works to fund his hopeless nerd obsessions. Put best, he loves stories and the best of the genres that tell them, be it movies, comics, books.

It all started when his dad used to pick him up from daycare and take him to see “Star Wars” when he was only 4 years old.

He’s reads comics with…



Michael Adkins / @EarthNerdAdkins

1292906_10100389001694748_1212994566_oYouth pastor, avid reader, social gamer, lover of anti-heroes, and undeniable nerd. Would totally choose the darkside.

He plays RPGs with…



Clave Jones / @EarthNerdClave

Clave About Us PicWorks @colonialchurch and manages @InnoveProject for social entrepreneurs by day. Big ‘ole nerd by night. Recently turned his nerd dial up to infinity when he painted his first ever miniature, a zombie runner from Zombicide.

He builds Legos with…



Nash / @Nash1025

Screen Shot 2015-07-22 at 2.51.39 PMNash serves children, youth, and families. His line of work – coupled with his natural affinity for superheroes, fiction, and Legos – keep him young at heart.

He reads the works of…



Ross Hardy / @KratersKoffee

Ross is a writer, dilettante, and semi-professional enthusiast based out of Georgia. His attorney has advised him not to claim that he is “the chosen one” who will “save the cosmos” using “a lifetime wasted on comic books, D&D, and Kurt Vonnegut books.” He does, however, make a decent quiche. His debut novel, a science fiction satire of coffee and consumerism, is available here. He is an occasional contributor to Reddit’s r/writingprompts under the name Atomic_Sleepwalker.


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