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7 Brand New Jedi from Star Wars: High Republic

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Some characters appear in the pages of a comic book only to be sadly forgotten afterwards. Some characters appear in a comic book and they are gladly forgotten.

The below characters appeared in Marvel comics a handful of times or even went as far as being featured in the comics of yesteryear, only to have minimal to no current appearances. And good riddance.

New Jedi from Star Wars: High Republic

Porter Engle: There is more to this mild-mannered cook.

Porter Engle

When readers meet Porter Engle, he is a mild-mannered cook. Still a Jedi, Engle is retired and serving quietly in an Outer Rim outpost, preferring to be known best for his Nine-Egg Stew recipe over his past Jedi prowess.

But when a family is kidnapped by the Nihil, readers learn that the bearded Engle was once known as the Blade of Bardotta, and a master with a lightsaber. He’s a cool side character, but one where us Star Wars fans can hope to learn more of the stories that earned him the name Blade of Bardotta.

Elzar Mann: A Jedi that likes to flirt.

Elzar Mann is a Jedi that likes to flirt with the edges of what is possible with the Force. While other Jedi often think him unconventional, Mann had a history of discovering new techniques through his exploration around the edges of the Force. And while his propensity for seeing rules as questionable limited his advancement within the Jedi Temple, Mann was well-liked and well-respected.

Notably, Mann also liked to flirt with the ladies, evidently not getting the memo that Jedi weren’t to form attachments, or frankly just not bothering to read the memo. And it’s this aspect of Mann that I think we’ll see explored further as the High Republic media continues to roll out.

Avar Kriss: A beacon of light.

Avar Kriss

Avar Kriss is one of the most talented Jedi in the High Republic era, able to connect Jedi together through the Force in a way that very few can, allowing them to work together to multiply their Force abilities.

As a result, Avar Kriss was selected to be in command of the Starlight Beacon, a massive capital project in the Outer Rim territories that was to serve as a beacon of light for those still large unexplored territories. Well liked and admired, Kriss serves as a beacon of light herself.

Kriss also serves as an object for Mann’s affections, the two having come up together in the Jedi Order.

Bell Zettifar: A young Jedi gaining confidence.

Discovered to be Force sensitive at the age of 3, Bell Zettifar became the Padawan of Jedi Master Loden Greatstorm. Zettifar and Master Greatstorm were stationed in an Outer Rim outpost, where Zettifar became the owner of a charhound named Ember, and Greatstorm pushed Zettifar to believe in himself.

Later, Zettifar finds himself in an opportunities to rescue innocents, situations that become do or die moments for the young Padawan.

Stellan Gios: Principled, professional, and purposeful.

Stellan Gios

Stellan Gios is an exemplar of a hero. He takes being a Jedi seriously and is always interested in teaching others the ways of the Jedi. As a result, he has the respect of citizens as well as the highest ranked officials.

During his time as a Padawan, he formed close bonds with Avar Kriss and Elzar Mann and the trio remain friends, even as their relationships change.

Burryaga: Emotions run deep with this big fuzzball.

This Wookiee Jedi is deeply empathetic, begin Force-attuned to the emotions of others. In fact, during the rescue a innocents, Burryaga felt the survivors’ terror so deeply that it radiated through the Jedi Force network that Avar Kriss had established.

As a result, Burryaga often didn’t enjoy social gatherings, due to communication with others. Yet the other Jedi knew to trust the big fuzzball’s emotions on important matters.

Sskeer: A Jedi with a surprising lineage.


The Trandoshan, Sskeer, is gruff and opinionated, heavily traumatized by a battle where he lost both his left arm and his friend, a development that led him to gradually lose his connection to the Force.

Struggling with that loss of connection, Sskeer had trouble with the temptations of the dark side, ultimately embraced a Drengir infection that provided him a replacement arm.

Learn more about Star Wars: The High Republic here.

Although a Disney+ show is in production, Star Wars: The High Republic is just in print for now.

  • The main book series is excellent and is being released as a trilogy. Light of the Jedi by Charles Soule was first. That was followed by Rising Storm. The third installment of the trilogy will be The Fallen Star.
  • Two YA books are available as well: Into the Dark and Out of the Shadows.
  • The comic book titles are selling out every issue. Marvel’s is simply titled Star Wars: The High Republic. IDW publishes a comic for young readers called Star Wars: The High Republic Adventures.

There is something for all ages to read and the above books and comics are where these Jedi are introduced.

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