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Marvel Snap: Silver Surfer Decks and Destroyer Decks

Marvel SNAP is the latest mobile card-based game that’s sweeping the world! Leveraging the IP of your favorite Marvel superheroes, Marvel SNAP lets you play with all of the familiar faces that you’ve grown to love in Marvel comic book history.

Today we’re going to take a look at two different deck archetypes: Silver Surfer and Destroyer. What key cards are featured in each? What is their win condition? What notable combos are present in the deck? We’ll try to answer these questions so that you can pilot these decks more easily!

Let’s dive in and check out these decks!

Marvel Snap Silver Surfer Decks

Silver Surfer is a Marvel Snap card that gives you very good direction in terms of deck-building. The card, when Revealed, gives +3 Power to all of your other 3-Cost cards out on the board. That being said, it seems like you just want to cram as many 3-Cost cards into your deck as possible, right?

Silver Surfer Marvel Snap

Not exactly. If you think about the base mechanics of Marvel Snap, the max number of 3-Cost cards that you’re going to play over the course of an average game is five: one on turn 3, one on turn 4, one on turn 5, and two on turn 6. And one of those has to be Silver Surfer himself.

The key to the Silver Surfer decks is that they try to get the most bang for their buck when they play Silver Surfer, usually on the final turn. To do this, you want to take advantage of cards like Brood, which give you three 3-Cost cards for only a 3-Cost investment! That turns your Silver Surfer play into a +9 Power swing even if Brood was the only 3-Cost card you had played. Huge value!

Opponents will usually get a sense that you’re playing a Silver Surfer deck once Brood comes down. I like to keep Brood until turn 4 or 5 if I have Surfer in-hand to keep the opponent from knowing my true strategy. A well-timed Cosmo on their behalf can be absolutely devastating.

Crucial Cards

  • Silver Surfer
  • Brood


  • Increase Power: Use 3-Cost cards like Ironheart, Wolfsbane, and Hulk Buster to stretch Surfer’s value. You’re also going to get close to filling up the board, so a late Wolfsbane plays really well here. Can also throw in cards like Sera to help you play these lower-cost cards.
  • Patriot Hybrid: Use Patriot to enhance your Broodlings and other no-text cards like Misty Knight and Cyclops. Usually uses Blue Marvel and Ultron to go wide and buff your board.

Marvel Snap Destroyer Decks

Marvel Snap Destroyer Decks rely on a single card: Destroyer. This 15-Power behemoth is nearly unmatched in terms of raw board presence, but they come with a very steep cost: you must destroy all other cards on your side of the board. Oof, that can be rough.

Luckily, there are plenty of ways that we can get around that downside and keep board presence on one or even two of the other locations. After all, you can’t win a game with just one!

Destroyer decks need to use cards like Armor or Cosmo. Armor will prevent your cards at that location from being destroyed when Destroyer is played. However, if you play Destroyer on Cosmo’s location, Destroyer’s ability doesn’t trigger, allowing you to keep your board and gain your 15-Power. Cosmo has an added benefit of hindering your opponent, so that’s usually best-case scenario for you.

There are other cards that you can slot in like Zero, which will remove Destroyer’s effect if you play Destroyer directly after. I’ve also found that Invisible Woman is a really good choice, because any non-Revealed cards don’t get destroyed! Destroyer on turn 6 will trigger before Invisible Woman reveals her quarry.

The key play with Destroyer decks in Marvel Snap is that sometimes Destroyer shouldn’t be played. I’ve seen opponents windmill slam their Destroyer when they could have won by not obliterating their entire board. Cards like Red Skull can be a nice inclusion just to take advantage of a near-empty location.

Crucial Cards

  • Destroyer
  • Cosmo
  • Armor


  • Zero Destroyer: Inclusion of Zero nullifies Destroyer’s ability. Also uses other self-deprecating cards like Typhoid Mary and Ebony Maw which get better with Zero.
  • Ongoing Destroyer: Use other Ongoing cards like Goose and Sandman to help lock out your opponent. Also leverages Klaw and Invisible Woman to apply some misdirection.

Marvel SNAP: It’s a…SNAP!

Hopefully you’re all enjoying Marvel SNAP as much as I am! We’ll be back soon for more Marvel Snap Mondays with a brand new topic to talk about!

Check out Marvel SNAP, and play with your favorite comic book characters!

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