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My List of 7 of the Most Unusual Avengers

Us Earth Nerds are sharing our 7 picks to form our very own Avengers team. Unfortunately, I need to take you on a short trip around the block to give you some context on why I chose the team I chose.

First, I had unfortunately seen the other Nerds’ lists of 7 before I chose mine. Even though I personally supported many of their picks, I couldn’t have a list that looked like theirs. I’ve got to be my own nerd, so I decided to compile a most unusual Avengers list.

Second, when push comes to shove, I’m an X-man. Those people who are outcasts? Those are my people. So I needed an Avengers team that had a bit of an edge to them, a team that wouldn’t be too easily accepted.

Thirdly, the Avengers are Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, yet they are named the Avengers? That doesn’t make any sense. What if the Avengers really did avenge? Even though it’s directly in conflict with my nature, I wanted to choose a team of Avengers that had an eye-for-an-eye streak.

So with all those caveats out of the way, here is my team of 7 Avengers:

Best Avengers of All Time

Luke Cage

New_Avengers_Vol_1_56_page_00_Luke_Cage_(Earth-616)Sweet Christmas, how could I not choose Luke Cage: Power Man for my team of avenging Avengers? While the other Avengers would be having a philosophical discussion about what it means to be heroic, Luke Cage would be out knocking two noggins together.

But that’s not to say that Luke Cage doesn’t have a moral center. Far from it! If you’ve read the character at all, you’ll know that he’s a faithful family man and a devoted friend.

Luke Cage would be an Avenger that other Avengers would listen to, but he’d also bring a sense of “street justice” to the scene.

Plus, his skin is impervious and he used to carry a chain. Sweet Christmas, indeed.



Wolverine_ProrfileIf my team of Avengers is really going to be a team of avenging types, then it has to have Wolverine on it. Any time a bad guy thinks he’s gotten away scott free, Wolverine has already used that super sniffer of his to track him down.

He brings brutal efficiency to combat and his healing factor allows him to punch above his weight, even though he doesn’t have the normal energy generating powers that typically plays against heavier, more cosmic foes.

He’d keep Avengers Mansion well stocked with cigars and brewskies, plus he’d enter those grey areas that Captain America wouldn’t. Since this is a family-minded website, I won’t go into details on how he’d gut a villain, so just know that when it comes to Wolverine, you only have to let that dog off the chain so he can hunt.



hulk avengersThe Avengers have always been uneasy around the Hulk because HULK SMASH. But if you are worried less about being Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and are more concerned about being a team of angry avenging Avengers, then HULK SMASH sounds pretty good.

His power set is well known; you won’t find a heavier hitter. World War Hulk has shown the damage that Hulk can do when he’s set on revenge, so let’s get rid of mild mannered brainiac Bruce Banner or any of those grey, red, or multi-colored hulks, and just unleash the green monster.




inhumans-avengers-crystalI admit that choosing Crystal is a little weak sauce, but I’m nothing if not susceptible to selling out, so with the upcoming Inhumans movie coming out I want to cross-pollenate Marvel properties a little bit. Plus, Crystal was legitimately an Avenger for a brief period of time, so I’m not breaking continuity!

The other knock against Crystal is she doesn’t have a vengeful bone in her body. In fact, she’s often the sweet voice of kindness, often asking those around her (like her sister Medusa) to consider forgiveness and mercy. That’s why I’ve always liked her as a character.

But if vengeance really is to belong to the Avengers, then I’m counting on the other 6 members of the squad to toughen her up, perhaps scheduling a few conference calls with Dick Cheney so he can share with her his vision for the 616.

And once she gets that first taste of blood, I’m counting on her to unleash her full power of control over the elements  — earth, air, fire, water — which would be a huge power add to the team.



5501aObviously, my first thought was to go with the Black Widow in this spot, but she’s the world’s most famous and recognizable super spy. How the heck can she ever go under cover any more?!?

So I choose Quake.

Intensively loyal to Nick Fury, Quake would give this Avengers team and strong connection to SHIELD, plus a new set of eyes and young leadership potential.

I’ll keep this brief since I’ve done a full profile on Quake previously, so let’s just say her ability to be as precise as inducing a heart attack or as bombastic as shaking down an entire city block is an excellent power-set to add to the team.

Lady Thor

Thor_Goddess_of_Thunder_Character_Art.0Thor is a classic Avenger, but again, I wanted to be a little different for this list, so my thoughts went to Beta Ray Bill, the old alien Norse horse-head himself. Beta Ray Bill makes for a fun Thor analog for sure, plus he would give this Avengers team a cosmic powerhouse.

Then I thought, screw it! I’m going with Lady Thor. I haven’t even read her comic, nor do I know her identity or anything that is happening currently in the world of Thor, but I said I was being different with this list, so let’s be different.

Plus, she who is worthy to wield Mjolnir is OK with me.


Iron Man

SJPA_Iron_Man_1Now that I’ve gone crazy off the rails with my team of 7 Avengers, it’s time to re-establish a little history and end this Avengers team by taking it old school and classic.

Iron Man has for decades been one of the Avengers’ big three, along with Captain America and Thor. He’s seen things and knows things. He also brings smarts and a technological slant that this team needs. Plus, he’s a HEAVY hitter.

More that that, he fits this team as I’ve defined it. He’s shown in the past that he’s not just willing to take out threats, but he’s willing to anticipate threats, cutting them off at the knees. Whereas Adkins was concerned that Iron Man is known to do his own thing, that rebellious slant actually works well with my imaginary team of Avengers.

Let all these Avengers go off the rails. For once, this team of Avengers will live up to their name sake – vengeance is theirs, so beware evil doers. You won’t get a second chance with this team.


Huh, so my team of 7 Avengers is Luke Cage, Wolverine, Hulk, Crystal, Quake, Lady Thor, and Iron Man. A most unusual Avengers line-up.

Read Jason and Michael’s dream Avengers lists, then let me know in the comments which 7 Avengers you’d choose.


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