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7 Playstation VR Masterpieces to Break Your Reality!

7 Games you need for your PSVR!

As the PlayStation VR is about to enter its second year of existence, I thought it prudent to come up with some great titles to sink your teeth into that make this piece of gaming equipment worthwhile.



Probably one of the main reasons I am so enamored with the PlayStation VR is that the very first game that I was introduced to on it was Super Hot. It was recommended by a very good friend and on this game alone I will forever act on his gaming recommendations!
If you have ever wanted to feel like John Wick, this is the game for you. It’s an intense ride of shoot-outs, knife fights, and even hammer duels. The only thing keeping it from being a direct John Wick video game is a pencil!

From the moment you plug in, you are fed different combat scenarios to overcome. The added ability to slow down time by not moving gives you a sense of control over a very intense menagerie of situations.

The graphics may not be the most inspiring you’ll ever see, but the simplicity adds and almost Tron-like aspect – which I personally find charming.

If you like first person shooters and the cool parts of The Matrix ( and of course John Wick),  lock and load yourself into Super Hot.

Tetris Effect

I’ve personally been a long-time Tetris fan. I still have the white Gameboy brick with a copy of Tetris in it by my bedside! I think this game is the essential starter to all puzzle handheld games,  as well as the beginning of a lifelong addiction to destroying lines.

For the sheer simplicity of the game itself, you cannot beat Tetris. It’s engaging, addictive, and wholeheartedly enjoyable. I know there have been many different variations of Tetris over the years, but I can say without a doubt that The Tetris Effect is the pinnacle of all things Tetris.

This rendition manages to be engaging, intense, and mesmerizing while also granting a sense of tranquility with its gameplay.  Without tampering with the Tetris game formula, the developers have added ever-changing breathtaking backgrounds and soundtracks that coincide with your movements.  Those touches alone are worth the experience.

I have never felt more at peace within the chaos of Tetris, and I wholeheartedly recommend grabbing this game, putting on your VR, and retreating from the world as you know it for a couple of hours.  Trust me: You’ll love the escape.

Beat Saber

I feel like the best way to describe Beat Saber is to imagine the developers sitting around a table wondering what would happen if Jedis went to a rave.

The concept is simple: Use your two sabers of light to slash oncoming beats to a rhythm as the game progresses in speed and intensity. The simplicity and brilliance of this idea is only amplified by the fact that you play it in virtual reality – giving you a huge sense of depth and oncoming intensity.

This intensely mesmerizing game will have you waving your arms around  flashing beats through the air and working up a sweat while listening to some awesome music.

Creed: Rise to Glory

One of the best elements about virtual reality is being able to sync yourself into moments you’ve always wanted to without the repercussions.

If you’re anything like me, then at least once in your life you dreamed of being Rocky Balboa – fighting away with that legendary sense of determination.

Creed is the game that delivers on that legendary experience by letting you not only play as the new champion of the ring (Adonis Creed), but also as the legendary ones themselves.

If you ever imagined being a boxer but don’t want to sustain the damage that comes with the sport, grab a copy of Creed, put on your gloves, and ring that bell. Just warn everyone you’re going to be playing it, or you may score yourself a real life knockout!

Resident Evil 7: Biohazard

If you have ever been scared by a “standard” video game or a movie, you have yet to experience true fear. The screen always holds an element of protection as well as the ability to look away. That safety net completely vanishes with Resident Evil 7 on Playstation VR. Peeking around corners holds a terrifying new intensity when you actually have to turn your head. That subtle but unshakable feeling of something lurking behind you holds whole new worlds of spine-tingling terror when you can turn around and see it!

This game is the exact same one featured on consoles. The biggest difference is the unprecedented immersion that heightens the experiences of the thrill of the chase and the relief of escape.

Fear gets a whole new meaning when you can stare it in the face.

Star Trek Bridge Crew

It would appear that space is not the final frontier; at least not where virtual reality is involved.  Step aboard the bridge of the USS Enterprise on its ongoing mission to have as much fun and cause as much chaos as virtually possible.

This online game allows you to play the part of one of four bridge crew members as you take on many missions – including the infamous Kobayashi Maru.

If you ever wondered what it would feel like to fire Photon torpedoes or go to warp speed, this game has got your Trekky fix in spades.  It doesn’t matter which captain is your captain when you can be the captain. Live long and prosper on PSVR.

Surgeon Simulator

The Surgeon Simulator experience is probably one of the more wack-a-doodle insane concepts…but it actually works incredibly well.

This demented attempt to recreate with surgical precision what trained professionals do inside of surgical rooms is ridiculously brilliant.

Not only are you bound for failure, it happens in the most spectacular of ways.  If you’re looking for a good laugh with a bunch of friends, have someone stick on the VR gear and watch them attempt fruitlessly to be a surgeon.

This game excels because of its ridiculous attempt to mirror reality, and succeeds regardless of the difficulty that attempt breeds. Wash your hands and prepare to have some fun with Surgeon Simulator.


The best way to experience all the PlayStation VR has to offer is by the recommendations of friends and with those friends. If you have a favorite game that rocks your VR experience, please share it with us!  Hopefully we can all enjoy the discoveries yet to be made or released on Playstation VR.

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