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Beer & Pretzel Games: That’s Not Lemonade!

Our “Beer and Pretzels” series features a group of light, fun games that can be picked up in about five minutes in a more relaxed style. These are simple games that–combined with snacks–create an entertaining evening with friends. All these games are family appropriate and packed with laughs. 

Today’s featured game: That’s Not Lemonade!

That’s Not Lemonade: What’s It All About?

When life gives you lemons, folks, what are you supposed to do? I think everyone can easily guess that you, of course, should make lemonade! That’s exactly what Adam and I did this week when we played the cute and quirky That’s Not Lemonade! at our gaming-kitchen table.

This game was chock full of surprises; I don’t think there has ever been a time that prompted me to say “I think I barf more than you do, in general” (the player to take the first turn should be, according to the rule book, the person who vomited most recently) and, even more incredibly, Adam beat me. An adorable, fun, ages-8-and-up card game, and my husband beats me.

You’re in shock, I know. 

Just kidding. I am lucky to have a fantastic gaming partner that puts up with my various hijinks and tomfoolery! I call for everyone to applaud Adam’s win! 

(hold for applause) 

Alright. Onto the game!

That’s Not Lemonade: How Do You Play?

That’s Not Lemonade! by Matt Fantastic and Tuesday Knight Games is a very fun, simple game of chance, perfect for family game night, or even for a party—like to have a few beers with your game? This one is for you. It’s simple enough to navigate in a busy/loud setting, or even when you’ve maybe imbibed a little too much to focus on one of your heavier games.

Party people, I got you covered. 

This game is ideal for 4-6 players (6 is going to be your magic number), but also contains directions on how to set up a game for 2. However, my findings tell me that this is a game that really shines when played by a good-sized group. 

The object of the game is to win rounds and collect lemons—simple enough, right? You’re a lemonade tycoon, and you’ve got to outdo the other tycoons (players) who are threatening your industrial success. The players rotate through playing the dealer (each new round has a new dealer) and giving each player a card and will repeat this process until the end of the round.

You may receive a lemon card, a double lemon card, an ice card, or a “That’s Not Lemonade!” card. Each player has a miniature red solo cup, used to signal to the dealer whether they are passing on a card (cup turned upside down), hitting or accepting a card (cup turned right-side up), or out of the round (cup turned on its side). Players are out immediately upon receipt of the dreaded, green, sour, gross “That’s Not Lemonade!” card. The active player with the most lemons in their hand at the end of the round is the winner of the lemon card! And with that, it all starts again. The game is over once one player has won three rounds and therefore, collected three precious lemons.

That’s Not Lemonade: Look, Feel, Fun?

That’s Not Lemonade! is an easy, fun, goofy game, and is especially perfect for your little, fledgling gamers—this game is absolutely perfect, difficulty-wise, for our niece, currently in second grade. Adam even suggested homebrewing the rules a bit to convert it to a drinking game—just don’t use your miniature red cup. I don’t think they’re functional!

Request this one at your local game shop and give it a shot at your next gathering or maybe with the lil’ nerds. It retails for about $10 and is well worth the good time!

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