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Beer & Pretzel Games: Exploding Kittens

Beer & Pretzel games is a group of games that can be picked up in about five minutes, then played in a more relaxed style. Fun, simple, and safe.

Note: Some of these themes are a little inappropriate for kids or for cats that do not wish to explode.

Exploding Kittens : What’s it all about?

This Beer & Pretzels game combines the adorable qualities of kittens with double crossing your friends by leading them into traps to secure their demise. And, of course, high-yield explosives.

If you’ve never been around cats in your life, you need to know that –although they can be wonderful charming creatures – they sometimes have a tendency to be incredibly volatile. The creators of Exploding Kittens obviously had some kind of run-in with a highly unstable kitten and were so inspired by this incredibly dangerous and sometimes hilarious tendency that they decided to amp it up with the aforementioned explosions.

Exploding Kittens: How do you play?

Exploding Kittens is super simple and easy to play. Everything starts with the deck of cards face down and players pull from these cards until they find themselves with an Exploding Kitten. At this point they have two choices

  1. Detonate in a ball of flame and experience deadly deadly death
  2. Play a defuse card which allows them not only to stop the deadly deadly death but also place the card back in the deck in a place of their choosing.

If you manage to play the diffuse card you discard it.

Pretty much every other card in the deck is used to avoid, direct, or cause trouble for the other players while leading them ever closer to their fiery feline finish.

The winner is the one left standing after they have successfully detonated all their friends.

Exploding Kittens: Look, feel, fun?

From the wacky and original animation style the cards have there is also a very distinct look and when paired with the quirky characteristics of cats wielding explosives they really create a uniquely humorous collection.

The divisively competitive nature of this game paired with the incredibly humorous subject matter allows players to both laugh at the situation and the pitfalls they place upon each other.

The simplicity in which you can pick this game up is so easy there is a 4 minute video that will have you completely grasping the rules of Exploding Kittens.

Extra, Extra be all about it!

This game doesn’t just stop with exploding kittens, it explores the grand universe of physics to traverse space itself to bring us Imploding Kittens, an expansion that contains extra cards to bump up your deck.

If you have a quick 20 minutes, some friends you wish to destroy without mercy, a love for all things furry and feline, and of course no fear of high explosives, then Exploding Kittens maybe the Beer & Pretzels game for you. So grab your friends, a cat, the biggest bomb you can get, then get Exploding Kittens here.

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