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Beer & Pretzel Games: Unstable Unicorns

Our “Beer and Pretzels” series features a group of light, fun games that can be picked up in about five minutes in a more relaxed style. These are simple games that–combined with snacks–create an entertaining evening with friends. All these games are family appropriate and packed with laughs.

Now up is Unstable Unicorns.

Unstable Unicorns: What’s it all about?

Do you have a hankering for fantasy card games, unicorns, and watching your friends rage as you steal their win? If the answer is yes to any of these, then what is wrong with you?! But more importantly, where has this game been all our lives?!

Be it a group, or just you and one, Unstable Unicorns by the creators of is here to solve your quick play conundrum!

Unstable Unicorns: How do you play?

Unstable Unicorns is a card game where unicorns of all kinds fight to fill their stables first. The game begins with each player getting one baby unicorn to start off their stable. This will be the beginning of your five strong Unicorn Army.

There are three different types of Unicorn cards:

  • Baby – The most simple cards there are (it is only a baby)
  • Basic – These cards don’t do much but look cool.
  • Magical – These cards come packing an ability of the mystical variety.

You can use Upgrade or Downgrade cards to protect, deflect, or reject other players moves. An Instant card can stop a player dead in their unicorn tracks, cutting off their attempt at a nasty act or deed. (Download full rules here.)

The Unicorn King is the first player to have a stable full of five Unicorns!

Unstable Unicorns: Look, feel, fun?

From the outset, this game boasts some of the most lighthearted, funny, and fantastically original looks at what defines a unicorn. If you couple that with the ease of picking the game up and the fun of destroying your opponents (read: friends), you are in for one fantastic time. A time, I might add, that pairs great with beer and pretzels.

This game will easily create a fun, competitive play environment while the cards keep it lighthearted and hilarious. In fact, I often find myself just pointing out the hilarity of a card to the other players.

Extra, Extra! be all about it!

If the standard game is not enough to fill your unicorn needs, you can always snag one of the many expansions available for Unstable Unicorns.

These are simply added to your deck to increase the variety and subject matter of the cards.

So grab yourself a game built around the fictional national animal of Scotland and let the hilarity ensue.

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