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No Spandex Here! Our Top 7 Alternative Takes on Super-heroism

Superhero madness has taken the world by storm, but what if you’re not big on the “heroes in tights and capes” scene? Fear not, good citizen! For I have rounded up 7 superhero shows that take a different approach to genre; shaking things up quite a bit along the way!


What happens when a bunch of CHAVs stuck doing community service get super powers?

This absolutely brilliant piece of British television explores what would happen if the common man or woman was suddenly given super powers and had to deal with the situations that called for super-heroism. This leads Nathan, Simon, Jessie, Alisha and Finn on some crazy escapades that really question what it takes to be a hero. This absolutely marvelous show ran from 2009 to 2013 gifting us with 38 episodes of sheer brilliance. If you’re looking for something a little bit gritty and a whole lot funny, check out Misfits!


Just because you’re super human doesn’t mean you’re not human.

This series follows the secret child of Charles Xavier, even though his dad is the surrogate father to a ton of mutants this doesn’t help him escape the troubles that come along with his station.

Meet David Haller. David has had a hard life dealing with an incredible amount of mental issues until finally finding himself in a psychiatric ward. It is there that David’s incredible powers begin to manifest as well as the idea that maybe David’s mental issues aren’t as straightforward as they seem. This show is stylish, has a fantastic cast and soundtrack and really shakes up your standard approach to a show centered on heroes.


Save the cheerleader, save the world!

Individuals across America begin to take note of the special abilities they seem to have spontaneously developed – incredible regeneration, time travel, invisibility, precognition and even the ability to take these powers from others. Heroes burst onto the scene in 2006 with an incredible story that will not only have you despising the villain and loving the quirky heroes like any good superhero story, but also enjoying the humanity of each of the characters as they live into their newly discovered abilities and sort out how they’re going to leverage them in the world around them – for good or for ill.

The Tick

The Big Blue Bug of justice is here!

If you’re looking for something that doesn’t take itself too seriously, The Tick is for you. Made with the exact same formula as any other superhero television show but with an incredible sense of self mockery and joyous disregard for reality. Tired of too much grit and grimm getting you down, strap on your big blue bug costume and fight crime with terrible one-liners and as much cheese as you can fit onto your plate.

You also have to great shows to pick from 2001’s series featuring Patrick Warburton and 2016’s ongoing version produced by Amazon Prime. And that’s not even to mention to 1990s cartoon which might be even more zany!

We also realize that The Tick stretches the “no spandex” heading a bit, but you’ll forgive us once you give it a go.


What if the human race’s next step is super powers?

The next generation of humans is upon us, and Dr. Rosen has gathered a group of talented super humans to help save the world. This group of six individuals with varied talents from super human strength to the ability to read wave lengths will deal with new threats that we can’t even imagine.


When superheroes are policed!

What if you were one of the strongest most elite super heroes in the world and one day you came across an enemy that literally tore the super out of you. Would you become a cop? Christopher Walker was Diamond, one of the most recognizable superheroes on the planet. But after his powers are strolled from him, he serves as a homicide detective for the Powers division and his job is to solve the murders that surround the super hero world.

Dr. Horrible’s Sing Along Blog

Have you ever wondered what it’s like to be on the evil side of the super hero life? How about join in on a song?

Joss Whedon is more famous for his super hero work on Marvel properties like The Avengers and Agents of SH.I.E.L.D., but he also came out with this fantastic three part miniseries.

Follow Dr Horrible’s video blog as he monologues through song his plan for world domination; the defeat of his greatest nemesis, Captain Hammer; the sweet-faced beauty from his laundromat; and gaining entrance into the Evil League of Evil headed by the notorious Bad Horse! This totally binge-able and singable series will leave you dying for more! Will we ever see a season 2…?

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