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Preview: Pathfinder Battles: City of Lost Omens Miniatures from WizKids

It’s the little things in life, isn’t it? Well, things don’t come much smaller than the Pathfinder Battles miniatures from Wizkids.

A smattering of several of the minis from the City of Lost Omens set.
Click any photo to embiggen.

City of Lost Omens is Absalom, the city at the center of Golarion, the world that serves as the setting for the excellent Pathfinder roleplaying game. Absalom is brining with adventure, its metropolitan streets filled with all sorts of fantastical characters. Wizkids has created a mega-set of miniatures to go with it: Pathfinder Battles: City of Lost Omens.

Sold in blind boosters at your local game shop, each booster will run you about $15 but comes with one larger pre-painted miniature and three small to medium pre-painted miniatures, giving you great value. In addition, there might be a sneaky set piece tossed into the box.

Wizkids’ City of Lost Omens set releases Summer 2020, but Nerds on Earth has a little preview for you.

See below for the unboxing preview video. (NOTE: We unboxed a full case, meaning you get a look at the entire 44 figure set.)

You can pre-order the miniatures here. Or get the Pathfinder 2 Core Rulebook here. Better yet, ask for them at your FLGS.

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