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Kickstarter LIVE Now: All-Ages Comic Stealth Hammers

We need a new hero for these tough times. I’m talking of course about comics that my nephews and oldest daughter will love.

Stealth Hammer is an all-ages comic that tells the story of Jami Taylor, a teenage college student, who finds her “never-give-up” spirit part of a grand legacy of protectors in a world of high tech gadgetry and supernatural mythology.

Taking on the name Stealth Hammer, Jami will find her lineage traces back to such legendary heroes as King Arthur of Camelot and the Norse god Thor. She’ll face many challenges as she goes against mythological beings and mechanical nightmares.

She’ll find supernatural and technological allies in her search for her grandmother, in meeting her destiny with the Goddess Aurora, and in her struggle with the beast targeting her family, Jormungand.

This first issue is her origin and first battle, but it only scratches the surface for the plans on where this story will go. Once the issue is created, the creative team will begin discussions with publishers to continue the story in a mini or ongoing series.

The team has at least 30+ issues of stories to tell that will bring Jami to her ultimate destiny as the protector this world needs. Stealth Hammer is a truly indie comic that fits the spirit of what Kickstarter was originally created for.

Who will this comic appeal to? It’s for those that like superheroes, crazy technology, robots of all shapes and sizes, and supernatural mythology. Stealth Hammer is a true all-ages comic that is designed to be perfect for a child, adult, or grandparent. The idea is to tell a compelling story with interesting characters that everyone can enjoy!

The Kickstarter to support the creation of the Stealth Hammer comic is now live and runs until August 24th, 7:00pm EST. The goal is to reach $8500, which will cover the costs for the artwork, printing, and other reward expenses.

Ohio-native creator Ryan Drost describes Stealth Hammer as a female Iron Fist in a world of Mega Man meets Thor.

Visit the Kickstarter here.

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