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The Punchlist: This Week’s News for Nerds

Welcome to this week’s PUNCHLIST, where we round up the biggest news in nerd culture. It might be from the MCU, board gaming, D&D, and more. But whatever the news is this week, you can bet it will eventually separate you from your money.

7. Star Wars: The High Republic Excerpt Gives First Look at New Setting and Direction

The High Republic is set to be a series of novels and comics set hundreds of years before the Skywalker Saga ranging from young adult (YA) novels to more mature fare. The first title to explore this setting is A Test of Courage by Justina Ireland, due out early next year. You can catch an excerpt of the novel below!

+ More here: Star Wars: The High Republic: A Test of Courage

6. Avatar: The Last Airbender Creators Exit Live-Action Netflix Series

Michael Dante DiMartino and Bryan Konietzko have withdrawn their involvement in the developing Netflix live-action adaptation of their hit series Avatar: The Last Airbender due to differences concerning the “creative direction” of the series. They both still wish the project the best. DiMartino wrote an open letter about their departure which you can read here.

+ More here: Avatar Creators Depart Netflix Adaptation

5. Pathfinder 2E Bestiary 3 Announced

300+ more monsters are coming to Paizo’s Pathfinder Second Edition in 2021. The volume will feature the stat blocks, flavor text, and amazing art we’ve come to know and love from Paizo, and will retail for $49.99.

+ More here: Pathfinder 2E Bestiary 3

4. Starfinder: New 3-Part AP Is Coming For High-Level Play

Devastation Ark is set for 13th-level PCs and will advance characters all the way to level 16. The three volumes and their writers are:

  • Waking the Worldseed by Jenny Jarzabski
  • The Starstone Blockade by Eleanor Ferron
  • Dominion’s End by Ron Lundeen

New high-CR baddies are included!

+ More here: Devastation Ark Starfinder Adventure Path

3. Epic Games Engaged in Massive Legal Battle with Apple and Google

The super popular Fortnite mobile game has been killed across all iOS devices following a breach of contract by Epic Games concerning in-game purchases. They offered a 20% discount on V-Bucks if players paid Epic directly instead of through the Apple Store, which circumvents Apple’s policies for inclusion in the their app store. Google removed Fortnite from Google Play as well. Epic is now in the process of suing both Apple and Google.

+ More here: Epic Games Sues Apple and Google

2. Ghosts of Tsushima Receiving Free Co-Op Multiplayer Mode

Ghost of Tsushima: Legends will be a free download and expansion to the base game that will allow groups of 2-4 to take on the role of a Samurai, Hunter, Ronin, or Assassin for co-op story missions, wave-based survival missions, and raids.

+ More here: Ghost of Tsushima: Legends

1. Endangered: New Species Expansion Hits Kickstarter

The preservation game designed by Joe Hopkins and with art by Ben Flores has a large new expansion currently fundraising on Kickstarter. New Species offers 7 new endangered animals (including Stretch goal species), a new role (Celebrity), as well as new Ambassadors and Specialties. Back the campaign here!

Check back next Wednesday for more news for nerds. Better yet, scroll down just a few more inches and sign up for our newsletter, The Cable.

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