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The Eternals and More of This Week’s News for Nerds

Welcome to this week’s PUNCHLIST, where we round up the biggest news in nerd culture. We highlight the tastiest morsel in some detail and then close you out with a link round-up.

Eternals Official Trailer

Who Are The Eternals?

If you hadn’t heard of the Eternals when Marvel announced their upcoming movie, then you aren’t alone. Korath is more familiar with Star-Lord than most comic book fans are with the Eternals, so you’re likely scratching your head as to who or what the Eternals are exactly.

Eternals was a comic book written and penciled by the legendary Jack Kirby in 1976, in the years when he returned to Marvel following a brief fling at DC. It lasted for 19 issues, plus an annual. Kirby was fasciated with mythology and his head was always swirling with thoughts about how to merge ancient Greek and Roman mythologies with the pulp science fiction he loved in order to create a modern story of the origin of humanity.

Alas, the Eternals have few memorable appearances in the comics beyond a mini-series here and there, although the Avengers Gatherers Saga features Sersi. Sure, there is the Jack Kirby original from the 70s, but it has very little to offer a modern audience.

So, what will the movie offer to modern audiences? Well, first, it has a wide, star-studded cast. Second, it features an Academy Award winning director with an eye for aesthetics and on-location filming. Other than that? Well, watch the trailer and decide for yourself. The Guardians of the Galaxy were similarly unknown when they debuted, but that film had humor and charisma amongst the cast, which made it work. Will we be able to say the same about Eternals?

The PUNCHLIST: More Notable Nerd News

+ Official Marvel Wastelanders Podcast Slate Grows, As Does Voice Cast

+ Paizo Will Not Be Present at Gen Con, Will Host Virtual Games

+ First Trailer for Edgar Wright’s Last Night in Soho

+ Spiel des Jahres Nominations Revealed

+ New Rules Update for Marvel Champions

+ New Batman Animated Series Coming to HBO Max

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