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WandaVision: Who is the Aerospace Engineer?

One of the best parts of the show WandaVision has become the trio that the show has introduced in the last few episodes. FBI Agent Jimmy Woo (who we met as Ant-Man’s handler in Ant-Man 2), astrophysicist Darcy Lewis (who worked the case on the first two Thor movies) and Monica Rambeau (who we saw as a child in Captain Marvel) have formed a little pact that are dedicated to figuring out what is really happening in what Dr. Lewis has called “The Hex.”

And this group is seemingly working in opposition to SWORD, which based on its trickery in last episode seems to think killing Wanda is the only option.

In this week’s episode the trio are trying to figure out a way to enter the Hex and come up with the plan that Monica articulates: “What I need is a 10,000 pound fallout shelter, comprised of lead for photons, cadmium for neutrons, tantalum for seismic blasts, on wheels.

After batting around the idea, she then says “I know an aerospace engineer who’d be up for this challenge.”

And that has everyone racing around, speculating on who this aerospace engineer could be, as the promo seems to show said vehicle at work and crashing the wall soon.

Now, the following is all speculation but I could be naively stepping into a real plot and, so, potential spoilers coming up. As you build a list of characters for the role, scientist, smart, tied to the Marvel universe seem to be the key components. And in thinking about that, here are some candidates.

Who is the Aerospace Engineer in WandaVision?

Ben Grimm or Reed Richards

We know that there is a Fantastic Four movie on the horizon, as Marvel reacquired the property from Fox. And, as much as it was thrilling to see the X-Men tie-in via multiverse at the end of episode 5, the Fantastic Four movies are not good and shouldn’t be used. And I am hoping they use a solution that has the FF show up as wise, grizzled veterans, not an origin story set in contemporary times.

Most speculation is Richards but I threw in Ben because I think you could do a very interesting plot twist, where Ben sees what will happen to them via the multiverse in the Hex but never warns them.

Abigial Brand

In the comics, Brand has been the leader of SWORD and they have worked hard to show the current SWORD leader is interim and I cannot see him keeping his job once the Hex thing is sorted out. While she is a powered character in the comics, she doesn’t necessarily have to be here. Also, she is tied to Carol Danvers, which explains how Monica knows her. I like this option, but she may not be science-y enough for some folks.

(And this is deep diving nerd-y but when you watch the Spanish version, Monica uses the feminine “ingeniera aeroespacial” when she says she knows someone.)

Erik Selvig

Now, this one makes more sense if Dr. Darcy was recommending him for the job from their Thor days, but he is an astrophysicist and has been a part of hero stuff before. Plus Stellan Skarsgård’s performance of dry humor would go well with the trio. I imagine this reveal would be met with sadness by some fans but I would be for it.

Dr. Jane Foster

Now, you really want to juice up the MCU fandom and prepare for what we think is coming in the upcoming Thor movies? Bring back Natalie Portman’s Jane Foster. Speculation is that the main story that they will be mining for the next Thor movie(s) is the recent run where Foster becomes Thor. This would be a sure fire way to introduce her back into the universe. Again, it would have made more sense if Darcy had recommended her, but I am for this one!

There are tons more potential answers but part of what has made this season of WandaVision so great has been looking for clues and trying to guess what is next! What about you? Do you have a great idea for who our aerospace engineer could be?

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