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7 Naughty Archie “Innuendo” Covers

Did you know there are rare and expensive Archie Comics with “innuendo” covers?

It’s true. As if we needed yet another example of the depraved state of our current culture, sweet and wholesome Archies have been perverted, and we didn’t even need the CW to do it. And here I am being part of the problem, sharing 7 of these “innuendo” covers.

Frankly, we may never know if these covers were intentional or merely innocent artwork that today’s degenerate minds took the wrong way, but most evidence points toward the latter. It’s not controversial to say that today’s comic readers have a level of promiscuity and debauchery far beyond the wholesome and virtuous entertainment of yesteryear.

As a result, good luck getting one of the below Archies. Demand is high and prices reflect that.

7 Naughty Archie “Innuendo” Covers

#7 Archie 271: Pearl Necklace

In what was undoubtedly meant to reference a piece of jewelry worn around a neck, this Archie cover has come to be the source of snickers and giggles.

With a cover date of June 1978, Riverdale – the home of everyone’s favorite teenager, Archie Andrews – would have had a jewelry shops that surely sold pearls. And the love triangle that included girl-next-door Betty Cooper and wealthy socialite, Veronica Lodge, would have been an innocent affair.

The intent of this cover of Archie #271 would have surely been innocent as well.

#6 Archie 78: Feel of the Clutch

Archie #78 had a cover date of January 1956, which was certainly a more innocent time. The cover even had the more innocent art style of Archie Comics of the period.

Yet, there is something about the look in Betty’s eyes that makes one wonder if this cover wasn’t indeed intentional. I’ll leave that for you to decide.

#5 Archie 511: In the Pink

Archie 511 was sold in 2001 and used a phrase that had long been known to mean “in good spirits” or “a state of good health.” That was certainly the use of the phrase during the 50s-70s, Archie’s heyday.

But does the fact the comic was published in 2001 mean the Archie cover artist was intentionally trying to slip new meaning into the phrase? Again, I’ll leave that for you to decide.

#4 Archie 55: Did Archie get there yet?

The world of Archie was a more innocent time in many ways. The burger that Archie enjoyed at Pop’s with his best friend Jughead Jones would have included a chocolate malt. And tough-talking Reggie Mantle might have threatened fisticuffs, but there wouldn’t be anything more dangerous than a BB gun involved.

Dating and courting would have been the norm.

Archie #55 was published in 1952 and the cover certainly illustrated this simpler, more innocent time. The father’s question was certainly meant to see if Archie has arrived at the house, but the phrasing was certainly meant with a wink. Then Veronica’s response of, “Not quite, daddy!” was most certainly meant with a wink, even in 1952.

#3 Archie 48: Do you want to spoon?

Archie #48 (1951) is another Archie cover where the original writers and artists certainly shared the comic with a wink. “Do you want to spoon?” was not an instance of modern readers projecting meaning onto an innocent comic. That innuendo was there all along.

#2 Betty and Veronica 328: Double Team

On the other hand, Betty and Veronica #328 (1984) was surely intended much more innocently, yet modern readers projected their own meaning.

#1 Betty and Me 16: Beat Off

We end with a comic that was surely meant innocently, yet it undoubtedly receives more snickers than pretty much any other Archie comic on this list.

This 1968 comic cover was highlighting how Archie was protective of Betty, defending her from the attention of other suitors. yet there is no denying that modern readers will get a giggle from the cover.

How many of these Archie innuendo covers were intentional and how many are the result of our dirty minds? I’ll let you decide.

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