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Marvel Strike Force: How to Unlock Hulkbuster

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Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force! Today we’re talking about the new details on unlocking Hulkbuster, a part of the new Bionic Avengers team!

We’ve already been able to purchase Bulk Up Orbs for 675 Power Cores, which is a way to jumpstart your Hulkbuster shard collection. I personally picked up an orb because it also helps towards those Milestones for the Vision of Tomorrow event to unlock Deathlok. Doubling dipping certainly helps in giving yourself a little bit of leeway during unlock events.

The next big chance to unlock Hulkbuster was announced in this past week’s Marvel Strike Force Blog. It’s live as of August 21st and the Monster VS Machine Event. You’ll also earn more Relay circuits as a part of this Event to continue working towards that Deathlok unlock.

The actual Monster VS Machine Event runs 7 days and awards points based on earning Heavy Armor Orb Fragments. You’ll earn those by participating in Blitz and a bunch of other events: Daily Login Calendar, Armored Architect Milestone, and the Mechanized Might Web Milestone.

You should be shooting for Milestone 24 to get that AI Response Matrix for Deathlok. This awards 6000 points towards the Techno Future Event, which is nothing to shake a stick at! If possible, you also want to try to hit Milestone 34 to get 30 Hulkbuster shards as well.

The Armored Architect Milestone also awards these Heavy Armor Orb Fragments, and the seem to scale really heavily towards Milestones 18-20. Anywhere you can land higher than Milestone 15 should be considered gravy as far as unlocking Hulkbuster is concerned. Unfortunately, this is a milestone set that demands you spend Power Cores. After just having milestones that required Power Core spend, this is going to be difficult for most people to max out (10,000 Cores Total over 7 Days), so I figure most people will be closer to Milestone 10.

Armored Architect Milestone Hulkbuster

Lastly, there’s a new Web Milestone for spending Campaign Energy and Iso-8 Campaign Energy to unlock even more Heavy Armor Orb Fragments. This is a daily milestone that will repeat, so you’ll need to check back every day to get the most benefit. It takes 3,000 points to max that out each day, and if you’re able to do that you’ll be awarded with an extra Heavy Armor Orb each day as well.

Honestly, when looking at the blog post, that’s the only place I see to get these Hulkbuster shards, but I imagine that they’re also embedded in the Heavy Armor Orbs as well. I’m not a big fan of the randomized number of shards you get from orb-heavy events, and it’s 100 shards from the unlock, so if you see more Hulkbuster shards in the milestones you’ll want to work really hard towards those.

Hulkbuster is a protector on the Bionic Avenger team, which will be key for those Tech Raid nodes in Doom Raids. He has multiple ways to give Barrier to the team, a mechanic that I love (when I get to use it at least). It’s a solid way to top off and get temporary HP above and beyond when your team is already up towards full health. In my opinion, it’s strictly better than regular healing in that sense.

In other news, players are sort of in an uproar about the stealth buff to Doom III Raids. Now the buff is official, but it certainly makes that content more difficult by equipping the enemy with better stats. My alliance is just dipping into Doom 1 on a regular basis, so I don’t have much else to comment on that front.

To close this off, I want to talk about where I’m focusing my efforts as far as team-building, and why I’m doing what I’m doing. I’m still gradually building up my Darkhold Team so that I can finish the 2nd level of the Saga for Apocalypse.

I’m also building up my Bionic Avengers as I unlock them because they’ll be needed for the Death Scourge Event that’s coming up. The last couple teams needed to be into Gold Gear, so that’s my starting point. I feel good about this investment since they’ll be required for Tech Raid nodes in Doom Raids as well.

The final team I’m working on is collecting for continuing Dark Dimension 5. I need more of those SHIELD boxes for Maria Hill, so I’m at the mercy of the RNG gods on that one. After that I’ll be able to continue on in the Global Nodes and start working on my Legendaries for the last set of nodes.

What teams are you working on? Ping us @NerdsonEarth on Twitter; we want to hear about it!

And now I’ll close this out with things to watch out for this week in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blitz: Black Widow, Quick Rumble is Wave 1 Avengers
  • Legendary Event: Infinity Watch for Adam Warlock on Aug 22nd
  • Character Events: Techno Future (Deathlok), Monster VS Machine (Hulkbuster)
  • Other Events: Cosmic Crucible weekly

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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