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Marvel Strike Force: Introducing Spider-Weaver and the Tangled Web Team!

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Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force! Today we’re talking about the introduction to the Tangled Web team, featuring some new Spidey friends that you can bring to the battlefield.

The first thing to note about the new Tangled Web team for Marvel Strike Force is that one of the key characters is another Marvel Strike Force exclusive: Spider-Weaver. Even if the name is a bit on the nose for a spider-based character, Spider-Weaver joins Deathpool and Kestrel as canon-Marvel characters exclusively available through the game.

Spider-Weaver was designed around Spider-Man’s 60th anniversary, drawing on the inspiration and success of Spideys across all universes and multiverses. Ajei Benally is Spider-Weaver, having received her powers from the Na’ashjeii Asdzáá, a Navajo Spider Deity who protects and guides those in need. And, with the most recent Marvel Strike Force blog post, we have information on her kit!

The Tangled Web team gets buffs in Crucible, so that mode isn’t going anywhere. In fact, the Pre-Season for Crucible is wrapping up with this final run this week before transitioning into Season 1. More details on that below.

Spider-Weaver is a Protector, and has abilities that will spread positive effects and healing to Tangled Web allies as well as other allies. Perhaps most notable is her Ultimate Web of Life ability, which applies Stun & Trauma while also giving Safeguard. Is this the first instance of a character gaining access to both Safeguard and Trauma? I think it is!

It’s also important to note that Spider-Weaver will be required for the 5th and final Apocalypse Saga. You heard it here, so don’t act all surprised when information on the final Saga comes out. Kestrel and Deathpool have proven themselves as powerhouses in Marvel Strike Force, and it appears that Spider-Weaver will be more of the same. Don’t sleep on this character!

The other two Tangled Web characters confirmed so far as Spider-Man (2099) and Spider-Man (Noir). I’m surprised that Spider-Man 2099 didn’t come before Spider-Punk and Scarlet Spider, because he’s had more extended comic runs than either of them.

Spider-Man (2099) gives a lot of passive buffs to Tangled Web allies in the form of increased Drain, Focus, and Resistance. As with other Spidey characters, Spider-Man (2099) also prolongs the duration of negative effects. Add in some Ability Block, which is perhaps the most vital status effect in the game, and Spider-Man (2099) appears to stack up with the best of them, especially within his team.

As for Spider-Man (Noir), he’s designed as a damage-dealer with his ability to apply Piercing damage to enemies. And, once he attacks, he can slink back into the darkness of the alleyways, gaining Stealth. Spider-Man (Noir) also buffs damage for other Tangled Web allies.

The Tangled Web team seems to be following the same formula as the Web Warriors team in the sense that they work best at full strength. Once you start knocking out one or two of them, the entire team begins to suffer in a big way. All of these Tangled Web ally buffs add up, but they might fold like a house of cards if you can dent them. Of course, that first dent will be difficult to make, especially in Crucible.

Marvel Strike Force: Cosmic Crucible Season 1

As I mentioned above, Crucible Season 1 starts after this final week of Pre-Season. One of the first major changes is how the ranking system works. There will be new sub-divisions within each League, as well as demotion protection so that you don’t lose your new spot if you don’t win your matchup right away.

There will also be new Stage rules and Global Rules. The Global Rules apply to all matchups, so don’t just focus on the Stage bonuses. Hero Mutants are the ones to beat this Season, gaining a bunch of bonuses as well as clearing Revive Once and Immunity. Be careful when attacking with those Infinity Watch teams, because Hero Mutants will do a number to them!

Marvel Strike Force: More Hulk Hunter Event Information

Lastly, we have some extra information on the Hulk Hunter Events. Coordinated Assault is back (it’s a month-long Event mainstay now) where you’ll earn points by spending Iso-8 Energy. This is an Alliance milestone, so drum up some motivation in your clan chats to get people to burn those daily energy refreshes.

Marvel Strike Force is also doing what they can to promote the She-Hulk show on Disney+ by incorporating the Power of Attorney Milestones into the Hulk Hunter Event. Not only can you unlock the Attorney at Law costume for She-Hulk, but you can also earn the Irradiated Blood item when you reach Milestone 30.

This couples with the Public Defender Milestone and Fighting Force Web Milestone where you’ll earn Briefcases that go towards the Power of Attorney Milestones (which go towards the Hulk Hunter Milestones). You’ll need to Blitz with Gamma and Defenders for the former and fight in War Battles with A-Force for the latter.

And now I’ll close this out with things to watch out for this week in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blitz: Quick Rumble (Weapon X)* Needed for Hulk Hunter
  • Legendary Event: Red Death (Omega Red)
  • Character Events: Hulk Hunter, Power of Attorney, Public Defender, Fighting Force (Web)
  • Other Events: Do we need anything more?!

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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