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Recap and Review of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law, S1E6: “Just Jen”

She-Hulk: Attorney at Law continues on the Disney+ scene with She-Hulk episode 6! And it’s…wedding season? Let’s check in and see how are things going for our new favorite Hulk! I’m also dropping a trigger warning for suicide in this episode.

Recap of She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S1E6: “Just Jen

She-Hulk Episode 6 begins with Jen receiving an over-the-top package. Underneath all of the glitter and confetti is a request for Jen to be a bridesmaid for her old friend Lulu. Of course, Luke made her a snazzy new dress that she’s going to rock for the occasion. Plus, Jen’s cousin Ched is the DJ, so you know it’s bound to be a riot.

She-Hulk shows up to the venue in her new dress which immediately starts turning heads. Lulu doesn’t want Jen to use her She-Hulk persona during the wedding because it’ll detract from her big day. Reluctantly, Jen agrees to just be Jen. On the plus side, she learns that she’s going to be paired up with Jonathan, whom everybody loves.

Meanwhile, Nikki and Mallory take up a new client, Craig Hollis, aka Mr. Immortal. Basically, he’s left a long line of spousesscorned because he sort of gets tired of relationships with them. After all, he’s immortal. What Mr. Immortal ends up doing is killing himself, in the legal sense, and then leaving his relationship. We find out later that he’s doing this quite a number of times.

Nikki and Mallory don’t appreciate Craig’s nonchalance about the whole thing, and they start turning on him. This prompts Craig to leave the premise in the quickest way possible – through the window of the high-rise. He plummets to the street, lands on a car, and walks away perfectly fine.

Back at the wedding, Titania shows up! Although she claims she isn’t there to fight Jen, we all can see where this thing is probably heading. Especially after the recap at the top of the episode. Jen heads out for some air and meets Josh, a really kind and funny guy who seems genuinely interested in her. Which is all well and good because she keeps getting asked to do things for the wedding like ironing wrinkled shirts and tidying up. Not to mention that Lulu is giving her grief for not having a relationship yet.

Craig, Nikki, and Mallory get all of Craig’s former spouses in the building to discuss reparations. They all have their own stories about Craig and how he left them, and it’s pretty clear that Craig lacks even a shred of inhuman decency. He offers to split his wealth in equal parts, which sparks an outrage because all of these people endured different amounts of time in a relationship with Craig, although with a multitude of other factors like children or large expenses. Guess this isn’t such a slam-dunk case after all.

Nikki and Mallory eventually work out tailored reparations for everybody, including a 20-second apology with eye contact for one ex in particular.

She Hulk Mr Immortal
That’s a lot of exes…

Jen lets herself loose at the cash bar and starts to get a little deep in her cups. Remember – she’s just Jen and not She-Hulk so her inhibitions get a bit lost to the wind. She shares a nice moment with Josh talking about how she just wanted to go to a wedding and show people that things were okay with her. But even her amazing job and superpowers don’t seem to top that she doesn’t have a partner yet. And she’s considering showing Josh her She-Hulk persona!

But then she pukes in the petunias.

And who’s there to pick a fight? It’s Titania! Titania tells Jen to turn into She-Hulk because obviously Jen is in no condition to fight. Eventually Jen gives in and turns, giving Titania a solid pounding right there in the middle of the dance floor. She-Hulk even ruins Titania’s veneers! Social media here we come!

Lulu comes onto the scene looking dejected and disappointed, but we find out that she’s a little tipsy as well. Instead, it’s astonishment that She-Hulk came to her wedding! She loves She-Hulk!

Just like Jen did, Nikki starts bonding over the successful case win with Mallory. They find themselves on a site called Intelligencia. They watch a video of Mr. Immortal falling from their office building, and notice another link to some She-Hulk content. It’s Members-Only, however, so they sign up, only to be horrified at the death threats directly towards She-Hulk that they find there.

Despite Mallory’s disagreement, Nikki leaves Jen a voicemail about what they found, but Jen is busy dipping fries with Josh. That’s not a euphemism by the way. We then cut to an ominous computer running DNA tests when a message pops up from HulkKing asking if the next phase of the plan is ready to go. It’s the same little icon from the Intelligencia site.

Then we see a brand new, THICK needle that is presumably to extract She-Hulk’s blood!

Thoughts on She-Hulk: Attorney at Law S1E6: “Just Jen”

Wedding episodes are generally some of my least favorite episodes in a television series because most of them play out the same way. There’s some kind of wedding drama, the wedding gets ruined, etc. However, this She-Hulk episode was on the better end of wedding episodes because we got to see Jen make some strides in her personal life and also kick Titania’s butt finally.

I’m intrigued by the way Marvel Studios cut the end of the episode, because it led me to cast some doubts on the legitimacy of Jen’s new friend Josh. Is he somehow mixed up in all of this? Is it all a ruse to get him close to Jen and extract her gamma-infused blood? Generally in a series when someone calls another person and can’t get a hold of them, that’s a pretty big sign that things are going to get bad.

Thunderball was masked in the Wrecking Crew introduction, so it’s possible that Josh is actually a part of that group. In that case, his intentions are certainly not noble, and he’s playing with Jen’s emotions. If you go back and look, it doesn’t seem like the same guy, but maybe Josh is in charge?

Also, I can’t believe that Lulu had the audacity to pair Jen up with Jonathan, who ends up being a dog. Nobody was going to tell her? In fact, all of the bridesmaids and Lulu seemed to really pick on Jen, and I’m surprised that Jen didn’t push back a little bit harder on them.

And then there’s Intelligencia. In the Marvel Universe, Intelligencia was the name of a group dedicated to the exchange of information between the many different criminal masterminds. This is the second Doctor Doom affiliation that we’ve seen in the She-Hulk series so far, although there are plenty of other associated names with Intel: M.O.D.O.K, the Wizard, Mad Thinker, and others. Doctor Doom is the real prize, however, because he has the name recognition and gravitas.

One interesting plot point in the comics was that Intelligencia had fought Hulk at one time and ended up finding a way to combine gamma radiation with cosmic radiation. This was featured in the Fall of the Hulks: Alpha Vol 11. This brings about Red Hulk!

Now, I’ve seen some VERY interesting theories about Red Hulk in recent days, including one that Jen’s cousin Ched is a prime candidate for becoming Red Hulk. He’s always wearing red, has a red airhorn, red turntable, and refers to himself by his DJ name: the Inchedible Hulk. Plus, Bruce mentioned him specifically when talking about the rare genetic markers in their family.

Far-fetched? Maybe!

She-Hulk Ched

Lastly, Mr. Immortal was a part of the Great Lakes Avengers along with some much lesser-known heroes: Big Bertha, Doorman, Flatman, and Good Boy. Although they are sort of considered to be more of a joke team, they do have another MCU connection: Secret Invasion. They were a part of that storyline, so it’s possible we haven’t seen the end of Mr. Immortal just yet.

So many great comic connections and only three episodes remaining! Will Bruce show up anymore in the series? Jen still can’t get a hold of him and we know that he took his spaceship somewhere. Time will tell!

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