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Recap and Review of Andor Episode 10: One Way Out!

Last time, the Empire seemed to be squeezing its way towards the Rebellion, putting Ferrix under lock down, torturing people to get answers and trying to move closer towards the capture of Cassian Andor and the mysterious “Axis.” But with the news that Cassian discovers that no one is really getting out of the prisons, he is ready to push to make an escape from Narkina 5.

Recap of Andor Episode 10: One Way Out!

With the revelation that no one is escaping the prison, Cassian is working Kino hard to join in the effort to make a break from Narkina 5. He and others have crafted a plan but the plan has to happen when the guards are bringing in a new man, which they know will now happen because of Ulaf’s death.

But in order for that to happen, Cassian knows he needs Kino’s support and leadership. While they debate it, ultimately Kino reluctantly comes along, explaining to their hall of prisoners what has happened and that they have to make a break for it.

But on the capital planet, Tay has made the arrangement to introduce Davo Sculdun to Mon Mothma. And while the three of them play a game of cat and mouse with Davo wanting to know more about the charitable contributions Mothma wants to make, but her being unwilling to do so.

But it is clear that she needs his help and his understanding of how to hide the financials. He ultimately asks a request: to introduce his son to Mothma’s daughter. And given their discussions about the Chandrilan customs, which include marriage at 15 years old, the implication is that the cost of his help is marrying her daughter to his son. Mothma rejects this but when sending him away, Davo says that she has been honest with him until stating that she is not thinking about the proposal.

In the prison, as they prepare to bring in the new man, Cassian heads for the bathroom and we see him hard at work to cut the pipe he was struggling with last time. When the announcement comes that they are bringing in the new person, Cassian is able to break through. As the water flows, he makes it back and isn’t noticed as missing. As they lower the new man in, the plan is enacted.

The prisoners charge the guard and while they eventually get control of the weapons and take down the initial wave of guards, they do signal to power up the floor, which would stun or kill most the men. Kino smartly yells for them to climb on the tables and the water that Cassian had come from out of the pipe shorts out the system.

And then it all breaks loose.

As the prisoners from that first block manage to escape, they set about attacking the other guards and freeing other rooms, while Kino and Cassian head for the main control room. When they make it, they are able to power down the floors, etc. so the main threat to the prisoners is done.

Kino pauses and doesn’t seem to be ready for the next step: Cassian needs him to be the leader that he has seen him be. Kino eventually is able to find it within himself and uses the intercom system to explain that they all would never be free except for this prison break, and that they should all work together to get each other to freedom.

He declares there is “One Way Out!” which takes on the meaning of getting to the top of the facility but also to escape.

We see the break happen and the streams of men running to freedom. Cassian and Kino have done it and helped the others find their way out. But tragically at the top of the base, as others are leaping into the sea and swimming for freedom, Kino looks at Cassian and declares “I cannot swim.” And Cassian and he lose sight of one another as the mob pushes Cassian over the edge.

But even as the prisoners break free, the Empire is closing in on the Rebellion and Axis aka Luthen in particular. They use the rebel ship they have captured to set a trap, by making it look like an accident. When they come to collect the ship, the Empire almost doesn’t investigate until a serviceman named Lonni recommends that they do because it is what would happen under normal circumstances. The leader agrees and they enact that plan.

Later, someone has summoned Luthen to meet, and we know it has been a long time since he was last summoned. Despite the protest of his aide, Luthen does go and he meets with the person he has worked hard to embed in the Empire: Lonni. And while Lonni desperately wants to end his commitment, Luthen is having none of it, even as Lonni offers him information about Dedra Meero, her rise in power and the information on Kreegyr’s ship that they have set the trap on.

In the midst of the discussion, Luthen denies being involved in the Aldhani situation and says that he will not let the rebels planning a raid on a power station know that their plan has been uncovered, because he doesn’t want Meero to get suspicious of a spy being in their midst. There is a just the reality to there are some sacrifices. When Lonni pushes him on what Luthen has had to sacrifice, he gives a speech.

Thoughts on Andor Episode 10: One Way Out!

Oh, Andy Serkis. The people at Disney have to be smart enough to put this episode on a screener and send it in for your Emmy nomination, right? His performance as Kino is incredible, and in this episode we watch him move from the despair of realizing that no one can get out of their prison, to being a willing participant in a break to being the leader that the team needs to guide them out to realizing that he is likely not going to make it as he cannot swim.

In 3 episodes he has built, torn down, and rebuilt a character who is appears is going to have a tragic ending. Just an amazing performance.

Also, this episode and its soundtrack made me realize that haven’t said much about it. One thing that has been true of nearly all Star Wars productions has been that the music and soundtrack are excellent and epic. This show is no less true of that which is interesting given how different the show is in tone from things like the first movies. Somehow it matches the tone and dark parts of this show but feels epic and cosmic as well. It really is a high mark to hit and the show is doing it so well.

I am intrigued by the Ferrix subplot, which is just lightly touched on in this episode. Cinta from the Aldhani raid is watching Maarva, Cassian’s adopted mother. But we also know something is afoot from the torture of Bix last episode. The Ferrix rebellion and breakout of Bix led by Maarva and Cinta could be quite epic in some ways. I am intrigued.

And what happens now with Cassian? At the end of the episode, he and one of his work mates have made it to land and are running. Will they be able to escape? Is there somewhere for them even to go to get off world? In theory, Cassian should have credits enough to spare but does he have access to them? And I hope that this isn’t true but…if I was the Empire and I had a prison of that size, I’d have a few people on the inside not as guards but as prisoners to help me control the situation. Is this guy running with Cassian one of them? (This is just some wild speculation.)

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