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Recap and Review of Andor Episode 11: Daughter of Ferrix

Last time, the prisoners of Narkina 5 revolted after learning that the Empire had no intention ever releasing any of them. As they flee, Cassian Andor makes it out.

But in the outside world, Deedra Meero seems to be moving closer and closer to capturing her prey, as she tortures Bix for information and they capture a pilot who was part of a mission to attack a power station. That information reveals the mole that Luthen has placed deep inside the Empire; the mole wants out but Luthen refuses to do, seemingly willing to sacrifice the team on the power station attack to protect his internal source.

Recap of Andor Episode 11: Daughter of Ferrix

Cassian and his work mate Melshi are on the run from the prison break, having swam to safety to discover that this world has been strip mined of all its resources, as they hang over a ledge.

When they come across two local humanoids, they are captured in their nets. But are surprised to find that they let them go, as they have no love for the Empire, whose prison has killed the wildlife in their water and wrecked their planet. So Cassian and Melshi take-off in an old ship that the Narkians offer them.

On Ferrix, sadness falls upon the household of Maarva, as this daughter of Ferrix has died. Brasso is on site as a friend and tries to help comfort B2EMO in the midst of the droid’s pain at losing his owner/mother.

Cinta marks the procession of Maarva’s body through the street, and we later learn she sends the information of the death to Vel, who shows up at Luthen’s shop, much to the chagrin of Kleya, Luthen’s assistant. The two argue about protocols, etc. but Kleya passes on the information to Luthen.

The funeral of Maarva will be a trap. Meero orders the regiment on Ferrix to allow a permit that they would likely have rejected before, but wants them to limit the number of people and time. She wants to build the trap that will spring around Cassian should he return home to say goodbye to his mother.

More-so, they continue to interrogate Bix, who is clearly being deeply impacted by the psychological terror they have been putting her through. This time they want to see if she knows anything about Anton Kreegyr, whose plot to destroy a power station they are on to. They want to know if he is the man that she connected to Cassian.

Vel then goes and visits her sister, where she is surprised to discover her niece embracing the old traditions. But she is even more surprised when she finds out that Mon Mothma is very much in debt and in danger of being caught as being one of those funding the Rebellion.

But it also seems the decision has been made to marry her daughter Leida to the son of the corrupt man who can cover her debts and tracks. And Vel is surprised to learn that Leida is embracing the old ways of their world, even as her mother is plotting a revolution.

Luthen is off to see Saw Gerrera, where he takes a major gamble. Luthen decides to warn Saw to not help out Anton on the raid on the power station because of the Empire being aware. It is a moment where Luthen and Saw have to have a degree of trust and understanding with one another.

But when Luthen leaves, the Empire nearly captures him. But his little ship (and his inspiring piloting) prove to be quite formidable, as he disables the giant Arrestor cruiser’s tractor beam and then fights off 4 tie-fighter, with the last two being cut apart by a very cool looking side weapon that he powered up.

And from his previous coded conversation with Kleya, it sounds like Luthen might be going to Ferrix for the funeral as well.

Which we think Cassian may be attending as well. Having gathered his stuff from the Aldhani heist, he reached out to Ferrix to find out that his mother is dead. When he goes to part ways with Melshi, Melshi talks about what he feels like is a mandate for the two of them: they need to let others know what is happening on Narkina 5 and what they experience, being unsure how many of them made it out alive.

Thoughts on Andor Episode 11: Daughter of Ferrix

You forget how incredibly talented people are who make films and television. Then every once in awhile, you get reminded. How in the world does this show make me have a tremendous amount of empathy for B2EMO? I mean, in theory, he is just a box of parts and pieces clanged together. But the voice acting, combined with a soundtrack and the wonderful acting of Joplin Sibtain as Brasso combined to make me feel heartbroken. For a droid. Just a reminder that people and their creativity are amazing.

Oh. And there is a slight part of me that thinks Maarva isn’t dead. It is tiny and I am not sure that I would love what comes out of it. I wonder if she is staging something to work to free Bix. But if she is not, then I am pretty sure the brick that they made out of Maarva’s ashes (as is the custom on Ferrix we learned) is going to be not in a wall but thrown in protest.

There is a very cool parallelism that they use in the later part of the episode. As Cassian returns to the beach world to collect his things and winning, Syriel does likewise, as the former sergenant that was with him on the Ferrix episode lets him know about the funeral of Maarva. Watching the two of them run parallel and seemingly heading into a confrontation was really well done. (And they need to talk to the cleaning staff of that hotel or Air BnB where Cassian stashed his stuff. I mean, he was in Narkina for awhile and they never cleaned the top of that shower?!? It isn’t like he hid it super well.)

When Luthen visited Saw, he had a stick that was nearly collected by the guards that most seem to think might be a lightsaber. Is Luthen a Jedi? Just a fan of their artifacts, as we know he has a Kyber crystal as well.

But, man, I cannot wait for the season 1 finale next week!

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