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Comic Haul: Why do I have these comics in plastic prisons? Showing you some of my slabs.

I don’t slab comics to flip them, I do it to get some of my favorite comics preserved, just for fun. So, I don’t have a ton of 9.8 comics, I have a bunch of mid-grade encased comics. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

But you are welcome to look over my shoulder. You’ll likely see covers that you have never seen before or have seen once yet are long forgotten. I’ll talk about some of the major keys, big events, comic trivia, and lore of late Silver Age and Bronze Age Marvel Comics as we go.

+ More on cleaning comic books here.

+ Here is my eBay store where I’ll occasionally sell my doubles.

By the way, I'm still buying comic book collections. If you want to unload anything from 5 to 100+ boxes in one easy transaction, then please do reach out. clave [dot] jones [at]  Click here for more details. 
The 2nd video of cool Spider comic book covers.

As a bonus, here is a short video where I talk briefly about “sell through rate.” If you want be better understand the actual real-world value of comics on eBay and how quickly they might sell if you list them, then a basic understanding of sell through rate is foundational.

I invite you to look over my shoulder as I the sweet comic books I’ve aded to my collection. You’ll likely see covers that you have never seen or have long forgotten and, as we go, we’ll talk about some of the major keys, big events, comic trivia, and lore of late Silver Age and Bronze Age Marvel Comics. OK, a few Moderns too, especially if it’s Star Wars.

TITLES LIKELY TO BE SEEN IN THESE AND OTHER VIDEOS FROM NERDS ON EARTH: Marvel Team-Up, Daredevil, Dazzler, The Defenders, West Coast Avengers, Star Wars, Sub-Mariner, The Invaders, Iron Fist, G.I. Joe A Real American Hero, Thor, Amazing Spider-Man, Nick Fury Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D., Marvel Two-In-One, Avengers, Howard the Duck, Captain America, The Incredible Hulk, Uncanny X-Men, Werewolf by Night, Man-Thing, Tomb of Dracula, X-Factor, Excalibur, Fantastic Four, Marvel Team-Up, Ka-Zar, Adventure into Fear, Thor, Web of Spider-Man, Marvel Age, Marvel Fanfare, Peter Parker the Spectacular Spider-Man, Journey into Mystery, Tales of Suspense, Tales to Astonish, Strange Tales

NOTABLE CHARACTERS: Peter Parker, Gwen Stacy, Mary Jane Watson, Matt Murdock, Black Widow, Karen Page, Daredevil, Foggy Nelson, The Inhumans, Valkyrie, Captain America, The Thing, Man-Thing, Hulk, Rhino, Spider-Man, Wolverine, Moon Knight, She-Hulk, Nightcrawler, Rogue, Iceman, Doctor Strange, Spider-Woman, Peter Parker, Snake Eyes, Storm Shadow, Dazzler, The Grapplers, Wrecking Crew, Peter Parker, Darth Vader, Doctor Aphra, Wendall Vaughn, Mar-vell

NOTABLE CREATORS: Stan Lee, Jim Steranko, Steve Ditko, Herb Trimpe, Chris Claremont, Marie Severin, Louis Simonson, John Byrne, Walt Simonson, Roy Thomas, Jack Kirby, Jim Shooter, Mark Gruenwald, Larry Hama, JIm Starlin

PUBLISHERS: Almost always Marvel Comics for me.

ERAS: Silver Age, Bronze Age, Copper Age, and an occasional Modern.

TOPICS DISCUSSED: Comics, Comic Books, Unboxing, Vintage Comics, Collecting Comics, Comic Book collecting, Variants, Comic Haul, Flea Markets, Antique Shops, Cleaning Comic Books, Mark Jewelers.

I have 40 years of experience in comics and try to be accurate as I present the comics, but I’m doing it on the fly, so an occasional mistake will be made. But trust me, although I don’t ask for it, people are more than happy to get pedantic in the comments on YouTube.

TERMINOLOGY USED: first appearance, 1st appearance, 1st app, key issue, first issue, 1st issue, origin, classic cover, iconic cover, direct sales, newsstand edition, comics bag, spine, spine bend, spine tick, cover crease, reprint, reprint series, spoiler, death issue, costume, water stain, king-size, second printing, raw single, corner box, logo, masthead, 100-Page Super-Spectacular, Bronze Age

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