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Marvel Strike Force: Unlock Abomination in the Hulk Hunter Event!

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Welcome back to MSF Mondays! Each week we break down one more aspect of the hottest mobile game, Marvel Strike Force! Today we’re talking about the new details around Red Hulk and the unlock method for Abomination, both parts of the Gamma Radiation Team!

Another month, another month-long event. It’s safe to say that Scopely is loving these lengthy events and they likely aren’t going away until possibly after all of the Horsemen Events are completed. In the meantime, strap in to learn more about unlocking Abomination!

If you’ve been watching She-Hulk on Disney+, you know that Abomination is back in the MCU. It’s fitting that he arrives in Marvel Strike Force as well! You can unlock Abomination during the Hulk Hunter Event in September. This features a variety of sub-events where you’ll unlock items that will give you the most progress towards the main event.

Abomination Marvel Strike Force

There are four main items that you’ll be working towards to give you that big boost in the Event:

  • Imperfect Serum – 5,835 Points
  • Irradiated Blood – 45,000 Points
  • Reptoid Fin – 60,000 Points
  • Indestructible Pants – 100,000 Points

As usual, there will be be four main Milestone Events, along with 4 Quick Rumble Milestones and 2 Alliance-based Milestones. That’s a whopping 10 Events to keep track of! Plus, you’ll need to check-in to the website daily to pick up that Daily Web Milestone as well.

There’s also a Leaderboard for the event, which you’ll qualify for if you reach 200,000 points (between Milestones 32 and 33).

The first Event, Stark R&D, begins August 31st! This is a 1-day milestone that will repeat for 6 days. An interesting thing to note is that the High Roller Milestones are baked right into these Milestones, which means you could max them out solely by spending – checks notes – 15,000,000 Gold each day. But in all seriousness, it’s nice to be able to double up on tasks in this game, so we’ll see if that change makes it more feasible to complete.

Other than gold expenditure, the Stark R&D milestones can be earned through Blitz. This is our third consecutive Blitz event, and I’m honestly getting tired of the focus on this mode. You’ll also score more if you win with Bionic Avengers at Gear Tier 13 and higher, so hopefully you were able to snag Hulkbuster and Viv Vision this past month to help you out.

The Joint Venture Milestone is a 6-day Alliance Milestone that relies on your Alliance donations, but is collectible on the web. This one is where you can pick up the Imperfect Serum, which is the lowest-point value item towards these Abomination Milestones. Therefore, I’m not too upset with having an Alliance Milestone because missing it shouldn’t prevent an unlock of the toon.

Hulk Hunter Milestones Abomination Marvel Strike Force

Marvel Strike Force: Red Hulk Details

It’s Red Hulk! No, this isn’t just a recolor of the base Hulk model; Red Hulk is his own man! Red Hulk is Apocalypse’s War Horseman, meaning that you’ll need him to unlock Apocalypse at the end of these lengthy Scourge Events. He’s also the fifth member of the Gamma Radiation team, rounding out Hulk, She-Hulk, Abomination, and Brawn.

One of the more noteworthy parts of his kit is the ability to clear the ‘Revive Once’ tag on an enemy. So all those times you’re fighting Infinity Watch, Ultron, and all those other pesky characters that keep coming back, you’ll be able to K/O them once and be done with it.

Red Hulk also applies Trauma, which is another one of those really powerful mechanics. With so many cleanses available in teams these days, Trauma helps you stick those negative stacks for a little bit longer and take advantage of those effects.

The biggest change is the introduction of Battlefield Effects. These are effects that impact one side of the battlefield (enemies or allies) and last until the end of the match. This is significant because taking out Red Hulk doesn’t make those effects disappear. You know when you’re fighting toons like Loki that lower Resistances, you can just remove Loki to make that go away.

The Gamma Radiation Battlefield Effect applies 3 Bleed to enemies on their turn, and they also take 250% Piercing Damage directly from Red Hulk himself. That being said, taking out Red Hulk will remove that free attack, but those Bleed stacks are there to stay.

Battlefield effects also get cleared with new ones, so expect there to be new ways to shape and warp the Battlefield with new toon releases. That will become a timing meta in and of itself, but I really like the concept in how it adds an extra dimension of strategy to a game that sometimes feels predetermined based on matchups.

And now I’ll close this out with things to watch out for this week in Marvel Strike Force:

  • Blitz: Emma Frost, Quick Rumble is SHIELD
  • Legendary Event: Pestilence Scourge (Sep 1),
  • Character Events: Hulk Hunter
  • Other Events: Pocket Dimension (Heavy Metal), Knowhere Heist (Aug 26th), Relic Hunt (Aug 26th), Cosmic Crucible weekly

Well I hope this helps you take your Squad from a D+ to a B- Commander!

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