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Some Creative Solutions for Recasting the Gambit Movie


There have been rumors for a long time now that Fox – in an effort to possibly create a cinematic universe of its own – will be spinning out mutant movies like crazy. While Marvel Comics create X-men comic books, Fox bought the movie rights to those characters awhile ago and as long as they keep making movies with them, they keep those rights. So, you can thank that for the upcoming Deadpool movie, more X-men movies and the rumored Gambit film.

[divider]Who is Gambit?[/divider]

Gambit? Who is he, you say? Gambit is a Cajun mutant thief/assassin who has the ability to load up things with power and then throw them like grenades. His common weapon is playing cards.

And until this week, it seemed like Channing Tatum was all set to play him in a movie.  But he has potentially backed out and now there are casting rumors galore. And let me say, most of these are based on “This a good looking dude in a certain age bracket.” But that misses the essence of who Gambit is.  So here are some real potential casting ideas for no one’s favorite Cajun thief.

[divider] Recasting the Gambit Movie [/divider]

hqdefaultJean Claude Van Damme. Have you seen Hard Target? No one, and I mean NO ONE, butchers a Cajun accent like JCVD. And the film is directed by John Woo, his first American film. And Wilford Brimley shows up just to show that he can butcher a Cajun accent too.

Sure, you could go with someone young and pretty like Taylor Kitsch. I mean, I love me some Tim Riggins as much as anyone. But we need more than clear eyes and full hearts. You can’t lose with JCVD in his comeback movie and bad accent.


tbYC_tLWBobby Boucher. Sure, he is known way more for his football power, as documented in the documentary The Waterboy. But look at his resume: a legitimate Cajun native of Louisiana. As his football career is winding down, this is the chance for him to make the leap to the big screen following such famous examples as Bubba Smith and Carl Weathers and Dwayne the Rock Johnson.

Clearly, he wouldn’t be afraid to do his own stunts and it would be a unique choice. (Editorial Note: We were just informed that The Waterboy is not a documentary and so some of this casting potential might be lost.)


ricksmithRick Smith, Jr. I mean, sure, to my knowledge he has never acted before. But the essence of Gambit is that he throws cards. And no one, I mean, no one throws cards better than Rick Smith, Jr., who holds the world record for distance throws and is a master in many other areas. He has a gift. A movie studio just needs to harness it for box office gold.

And not to be too personal but look at the glamour shots of Rick on his website. Dude is totally the kind of person that would be a Gambit fan. Lastly, he is from Cleveland, which everyone knows is the Cajun country of the midwest.


Alessandro-julianiAlessandro Juliani. Who? Well, he is best known as an actor for his work on Battlestar Galactica. But he is on this list because he voiced the iconic hero in the X-Men Evolution cartoon series! I mean, if you don’t think he has the accent chops needed, you clearly haven’t watched the iconic “Cajun Spice” episode.


So sure, other Gambit casting rumors will give you the Matt Bomar, Matthew McConaughey, Ian Somerhalder, Josh Holloway, and Tom Hardy lists. But that’s just too easy. Seriously, you want easy? Cast Norman Reedus (“Daryl from the Walking Dead”) and call it a day, raking in the millions.

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