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Level Up Your Stats with Nerdy Workouts

Earlier this month, IGN released the following embedded video highlighting a nerd-centric gym in LA:

While the idea is appealing to me, the commute from Atlanta to Los Angeles is less so.

[divider]Level Up Your Stats with Nerdy Workouts[/divider]

But the good news is that thanks to, I (and you, too!) can engage in nerdy workouts.  And the best parts?  It is done in your home, equipment is 100% optional (you’re working primarily with bodyweight), and it is 100% free!

Odds are fair that your interest is covered in one of the websites many thematic workouts.  Seriously, there are hundreds of workouts under categories such as:

  • Action Heroines
  • Superheroes
  • Gaming
  • TV/Movies
  • Anime
  • and even Books!
From newb to legend.

In addition to filtering the workouts by theme, you can also filter them even further by selecting the type of workout (cardio, strength, yoga, etc), what kind of equipment you might have at your disposal, and even which muscle groups you’d like to target.

Each workout is presented in an easy to follow format with pictures and text instructions including recommended numbers of reps.  To determine the number of sets you execute, simply choose a level!

Level I is for the newb (and everyone is a newb at some point, so don’t get discouraged!) and Level III is for those with all of the legendary set armors and weapons.  Just like in an RPG:  Start at Level I with the goal of leveling up to more and more sets through more and more sets.  You know the deal – any orphan villager can become legend with enough XP!

My favorite element of the Darebee’s offerings:  The workout programs structured like RPG adventures!  At the moment, the site plays host to three of them:

Age of Pandora – You get to be the hero in a post-apocalyptic, fully realized world that really needs heros. Your workouts reflect the activities of the central character. You are given the opportunity to fight monsters, forge alliances and save the world. You get to do it at your level of fitness and progress at a pace you find works for you. Are you ready to enter, Pandora and mark the beginning of a new age? 

Avatar UpgradeA combat orientated top-level fitness program that allows you to upgrade yourself in real life just as you can upgrade your digital self in a video game. The goal is to become the best version of yourself you can possibly be.

The Hero’s Journey 2.0 – A role-play fitness program inspired by every hero’s transformation from minion to master. Each day takes you through a stage of the journey, presents you with fresh challenges, opportunities and threats. Each of these is accompanied by exercises that test your skill, push your performance and require you to adapt and develop in order to go on. 

The Hero’s Journey is particularly appealing to me because it includes a points/XP system.  More sets and the use of weapons (equipment) means more points!  That plays right in to my love of quantifiable progression.  It is like a real life Gamer Score, guys; one that actually has measurable benefits for you IRL.  You know…besides bragging rights.  And hey, if you rack up enough points during The Hero’s Journey, you just might be able to take the runt whose GS is higher than yours!  #motivation.

Avatar Upgrade comes with a visual aid to mark your progress that looks very much like your skill trees in many RPGs (Diablo comes to mind).  You can see yourself getting stronger!

Screen Shot 2015-09-28 at 4.23.55 PM

There are a lot of excellently executed concepts all over the Darebee website.  Take a few minutes to search the website and print off a few of the workouts that appeal to your particular fanbases and rotate them throughout the week:  A little Mario on Monday, Dragon Ball Z on Wednesday, and Harley Quinn on Friday.  Boom:  superhero’d.  Or take on one of the RPG programs and level up!  The front page of the website even updates with regular daily and weekly challenges to keep things fresh and challenging.

The efforts of are supported by user donations, so please do consider thanking them for their awesome workouts that cater to your particular nerd niche.  (And no, I’m not being paid to say this!)

Who says nerds can’t be strong?  Time to emulate the characters you’ve loved for years!  Take up their routine, push yourself, and become the hero(ine).

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