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Recap and Review of Marvel’s Agent Carter Season 2 Opener

Agent Clave and I are gathering this week to celebrate the glory that is the first 2 episodes of Agent Carter season 2. In this two part episode, they take the whole show to Hollywood!

Agent Daniel Sousa has been tasked with opening up a west coast branch of the SSI and he needs backup when a supernatural occurrence goes down. Agent Peggy Carter is on plane and on her way to LA, partnering up with Jarvis, who is living there now as Howard Stark pursues a career as a “director” that is really more about a casting couch.

Much happens and we will break it down as we go. Agent Clave, what stands out to you in the first two episodes of Agent Carter season 2?

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Agent Clave: First of all, it took the return of Agent Carter to remind me how much I had missed this show. Listen, I don’t typically use language like this, but this television show is absolutely delightful!

Agent Carter Season 2I love Peggy Carter, I love Jarvis, and I love Agent Sousa. But while I thought the circumstances that brought them all together neatly in California were a little thin, I am thrilled about the new setting and was immediately sucked in.

Before I hand it over to you, can I talk about how charmingly humorous this show is? I snickered at the pink flamingo, then chuckled out loud (col? Is that a good abbreviation? No?) at the ‘sock on the doorknob’ gag.

Then, of course, I LOVED Anna Jarvis. What another delight on an already delightful show!


JAMES D'ARCYAgent Sansbury: I could not agree with you more. There were so many moments where I couldn’t help but laugh, grin and want more. They really kicked up the joke density, yet they didn’t go over the top; it never went into the realm of being goofball or dumb. Funny, but smart funny. One of my favorites that you didn’t mention: Carter slyly convincing Sousa to make goo-goo eyes at the receptionist. Amazing.

And here is one piece that I think the writers deserve a ton of credit: how they are subverting the expected interactions between the ladies on the show. Daniel’s new lady, potentially soon to be fiancee? She welcomes Peggy with open arms. Sure, she may change her mind when she learns some history, but it was good. Even better, the introduction of Mrs. Jarvis!

In one fell swoop, they establish a friendship and bond that transcends the easy to do “Why you messing with my man?” storyline. Instead, Mrs. Jarvis and Peggy are instant buddies, with Mrs. Jarvis sharing the admiration that her husband has for Peggy and giving Peggy a girlfriend ally, responsible for what will be amazing fashion looks.

agent-carter-season-2-flamingoThe two moves that cement it? The garter gun holster and the wrestling scene. (Can we talk about how much of this show just nails the costumes? It almost makes me want to trade my shorts and t-shirts for dapper suits!)

So, here is what I want to talk about: Is Jason Wilkes dead? Because, man, I really don’t want him to be. What did you think of his storyline and what they did with it in 2 short episodes?


Agent Clave: Oh, I’ll get to Jason Wilkes, but you brought two things that are interesting to me, and I gotta talk about it. I like the way the show has drastically different tones. Whenever Jarvis and Peggy are together the show’s tone immediately shifts lighter. But it is never jarring and it’s always written well. Kuddos to both the writers, but also the excellent acting in the show.

And it was also interesting that you brought up Peggy’s relationship with Ana Jarvis. Peggy certainly interacts with more females this season, as opposed to mainly playing against gruff males last season.

Oh my gosh this show is just delightful!

Yes, Jason Wilkes is alive. I’d bet on it. There is just too much potential to write him off, although I’m afraid I have no theories or ideas for how they’ll loop him back into the show. It’s mainly just a hunch.

Agent Carter Season 2OK, here is what I wonder from you: Do we see a legit Madame Masque? Us old school comic nerds know that Whitney Frost is the alias of Madame Masque and the movie she was shooting – “The Woman With The Golden Face” – was a pretty on-the-nose giveaway of her alter ego. The entire episode really played up how vain about her appearance she was, then ended with a cut on her face. Where do you think that goes forward?

Agent Sansbury: My friend: that was no cut. That was the thing that gives Madame Masque her powers! And you know what: it is the exact power set that Death from the other world has: the ability to be someone else! (It was a little bit too on point with the over the top “See! She doesn’t like how she looks! Hollywood thinks she is getting old!” piece but I will allow it given the short season this show has.)

I may be guilty of overpraising the writers of this show, but think about the hard task that they are given: do a show set in post-WWII America and it would be nice if you could tie it into this show we are doing about things that are happening 70 years in the future.

whitney-agent-carter-season-2And they do it. Well! We got our own antimatter from the dead world that we are well connected with from Agents of Shield. But it isn’t over the top or even required viewing to understand this show. I feel like the whole team should take a deep bow. That is solid world building that isn’t so overdone that it is strained.

Agent Clave: Oh, snap! Duh. You’re right. That wasn’t a cut, it was a little particle of the dark matter! Nice catch. Why don’t you close us out by sharing what you have on Wilkes.

Agent Sansbury: So, Jason Wilkes was great. They used a character that is a DEEP cut from the Marvel universe, with only one appearance in a Tales of Suspense from way back in the day.

They tweaked his story of course, but how that character ended up is interesting: an experiment went wrong and he wound up not being able to hold corporal form. Which sounds like it would work great for him moving forward after “dying.”

And I am glad because I really, really liked how they  set up his story, showed some dynamics of America that was awful back then in terms of race and showed a genuine attraction between him and Peggy.

Agent Carter is back and it is going to be a great winter because of it!

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