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Who Wins It? Green Lantern vs. Supergirl

Who wins the comic book fight between Green Lantern and Supergirl?

[divider] Who wins it? Green Lantern vs. Supergirl [/divider]

Even though he resigned from being part of the Justice League, Green Lantern was still worried about the intentions and well-being of the group of heroes. Hal Jordan has not been pleased with how Supergirl has been fighting in the group. He thinks she even though she cares about the citizens on planet Earth, when she gets into attack mode, she’s fighting more impulsively, endangering citizens around her. She’s reckless. Powerful and reckless.

After getting in contact with Kara to meet in her residing city…

Hal Jordan scans the surroundings of New York City trying to find a quick glimmer of blue and red. “Where did she go?” A calm light voice pipes from behind.

Green Lantern vs. Supergirl“You sure you want to start something you’re going to lose?” He quickly turns around to see Supergirl floating with a smug look. “Look, I came here to talk to you. Please stop avoiding this. You can’t keep using your powers so irresponsibly. Can’t you see you’re putting people in danger? You should use your powers more like Superman.”

Kara can’t stand being told how to use her powers, especially from someone who doesn’t even possess the multitude of powers she does. “I get the job done, and fast. I’m more powerful than Superman will ever be. I don’t want to hear your lecture.” Hal sees so much great power within her, but sees she has so much to learn, and she needs to learn now.

“You can either leave me alone, or you can try and take me down. And I only see one obvious and possible option there” Kara says as she turns her back, preparing to leave. “This has got to stop, and this stops…now!” He wields his green power ring with such willpower to construct chains that wrap around Supergirl’s legs to pull her down to the ground. Supergirl caught off guard by his response, slams to the ground, feeling no pain but feeling the rage bubble inside. She shoots up and zooms towards Green lantern, ramming into him, and sends him flying into a nearby abandoned building.

Green Lantern staggers up off of the rubble, focuses, and shoots a green powerful energy laser beam right at Supergirl. Each attempt he takes at an attack, she dodges or reflects without any hesitation. She comes flying at him dodging every object he throws slow her down, and delivers some swift jaw-crunching punches. While Green Lantern flails backwards, she grabs him by the ankles and flings him towards a nearby clothing store. Hal, crashes through the window, scaring the shoppers half to death as they fall to the ground or run towards the back of the store. “I’m so sorry, I’ll fix this. Don’t..uh..Don’t worry,” he says as he gets up from under a pile of clothes that were once neatly on a rack, and shrugs off the shards of glass.

“I can’t fight her here. Not near people.”

Green Lantern vs. SupergirlSupergirl slowly approaches the store to be greeted by a quick green cage enclosing around her and flinging her with disorienting force. Green Lantern holds the cage for a matter of seconds to locate the closest desolate park to drop off. Before he could even throw the cage down, Supergirl breaks free and grabs him to slam him down into the ground from a 40ft drop. Hal’s wounds and fatigue were becoming obvious. Supergirl’s strength and invulnerability to all physical attacks were something he never really wanted to witness first hand. He stayed in the cracked ground motionless, as Supergirl stood a few paces away feeling victorious. “I told you, Hal. You should have just left. Face it, I’m too powerful. Just let me do my job.” Kara starts to slowly walk away, already abandoning any chance that Hal might have to get back up.

Hal started to lose his determination and hope, until he thought of her one weakness, kryptonite. But how? How could he even use something so dangerous against her, and how could he even manage to construct it? He knew it would take extraordinary will power.

As he focused all his will power on the fighting for the well being of the Justice League, of the people of New York, of Supergirl. He started to dive into the thoughts of if she continued to act recklessly, what would the fate of so many and her turn out to be. He gradually started to form a glowing green energy shard of kryptonite.

As Supergirl starts to turn and look back one last time to make sure Hal was still down, she felt a sharp piercing pain in her left leg. She looks down at the glowing kryptonite shard sticking half way out of her thigh, and feels the effects immediately. She can feel her legs grow weak, and her mind panics as she rushes to take out the shard. The shard is wedged in deep as she falls to the ground, still fidgeting her fingers on the shard. “I’m sorry, Kara. I didn’t want to do that. You let your rage take over. You need to fight with control. I had to weaken you, you need to see fighting reckless will one day end up killing you.” As she removes the shard from her leg finally, she looks up to see Green Lantern as already left, leaving her to slowly regain her strength and normal vitals.

[divider] Superhero Smackdown: Green Lantern vs. Supergirl [/divider]

3425690-green+lantern+jim+lee+colorsGreen Lantern leaves this battle between heroes victorious with 71.4% votes towards the glowing green suit. Goes to show that with great determination and will power, Green Lantern is a force to be reckoned with, and will advance on.

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