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Superhero Smack Down: 1 vs. 1 Comic Book Fights

Credit: Andrew Robinson, Deviant Art

Who hasn’t argued for your favorite superhero in a fight? And who hasn’t cheered for an underdog or an upset?

So we are pretending we are 10-years-old on the playground andour greatest problem is arguing which superhero wins in a 1-versus-1 fight! We’ve places our favorite comic books heroes in one v. one matchups.

Vote below, give your reasons in the comments, then share with your friends! Keep checking in here at this month for full punch-by-punch writeups of the finalists!

Superhero Smack Down

In the first 30 seconds of voting, already some clear frontrunners were emerging, while others appear that they’ll be too close to call. See below for a screen cap of the first 30 seconds of voting:

Screen Shot 2016-03-02 at 12.46.30 PM

Again, please vote: Superhero Smack Down.


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