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Who Wins It? Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman

Who wins the comic book fight between Aquaman and Wonder Woman?

Who wins it? Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman

The world of man has been threatened yet again. And this time by a supposed ally. Diana flies over the rubble of a destroyed building, her eyes scanning for her enemy as well as any of her Amazons. The fighting had been intense, Amazons against Atlanteans. The kingdom of the sea had decided that the world above them was for the taking.

And Diana wasn’t having it.

Her sharp eyes catch a rustle of movement below her and she motions orders to a couple of Amazons pulling themselves out of the rubble, their bows still in hand.

There is nothing to warn her. Only a flash of water and she is knocked out of the air, a heavy jet of freezing water knocking her into a standing building. She hits it with a thud and struggles to catch her breath. She knows who it is. And it is who she had been looking for.

Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman“Arthur,” she says as she slides down the building and hits the ground.

“Your Amazons have destroyed my army, Wonder Woman,” the blonde man says as he walks up to her. “I don’t appreciate that.”

She stands up, water dripping from her body. She shrugs. “What can I say,” she states. “They didn’t have much of a challenge.”

She sees the punch coming and dodges it before pulling her own arm back and hitting Aquaman in the stomach. He lets out a grunt as he flies back. But he manages to plant his feet on the ground and slow himself down. He glares at her through his ruffled hair.

“This world is too ruined to be of any use now,” Aquaman says while gritting his teeth. “We would change it for the better.”

“It doesn’t matter,” Wonder Woman says, her blue eyes hard. “This is man’s world. They may have ruined it but they are also working to make it better.” She walks closer to him, her eyes softening slightly. “Let them work on it.”

“They have worked enough,” he stands and clenches his fists. “Time is up!”

His hand given to him by the Lady of the Lake shoots out and a stream of scalding water. Wonder Woman throws up her arms, crossing them just in time to block the water from her face. The stream pushes her back and she knows.

She knows she needs to end this. It has gone on long enough. She drops to the ground, letting the water shoot past her. She doesn’t hesitate. She pushes herself forward, hitting Aquaman in the stomach, taking him off guard.

Aquaman vs. Wonder WomanThey both fly back, Wonder Woman focused on getting him as far away from any civilians as possible.

As they near another building, she can feel her momentum slowing and she stops suddenly, letting Aquaman continue to fly through the air and watching as he hits the building. She doesn’t let him regain himself and is quickly in his face, hitting him with one fist while the other grabs the front of his shirt. She lifts him off the ground and throws him into the air.

She loves her ability to fly. Especially at this moment. She flies after his body and as he hits his peak, she hits his back, sending him shooting back to the ground.

Arthur hits the ground hard, his body limp. She lands beside him, her eyes searching his body for any signs of movement. And she sees it. A slight twitch in his shoulder told her that he was about to get up.

She grabs his arm, pulls him up, and throws him over her shoulder. He lets out a grunt as he hits the ground again. She walks up to him. “Stay down, Arthur.” She squats beside him, her arms resting on her knees. “This world is not yours to take.”

“It needs to change,” he mutters through bloody lips.

“And we will help it change,” Wonder Woman says, her hand on his shoulder.

“How?” he growls. He looks up at her, blood streaming down his face.

“By helping them,” she states. “We are the heroes.”

“Not today,” he groans.

“Then leave,” she says harshly, standing up. “Do not destroy this city anymore. Go home, Arthur. Gather your remaining men and leave. Or my Amazons and I will make you.”

He looked into her eyes and saw the promise of destruction. He gives a weak nod and slowly pulls himself up. “Until another day, Princess.”

“Which will end the same way,” Wonder Woman says.

And as Aquaman limps back to the ocean, Wonder Woman smiles. The city is safe. Now for the clean up.

Superhero Smackdown: Aquaman vs. Wonder Woman

Aquaman vs. Wonder WomanWonder Woman definitely came out on top of the reader vote with a whoping 85.7%. Poor Aquaman didn’t stand a chance. His magic hand and determination may have helped against some other opponent but not against Princess Diana. Her strength, flight, and love for Man’s World helps her in almost every fight.

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