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Who Wins It? Hulk vs. Doctor Strange

Who wins the comic book fight between Doctor Strange and The Hulk?

Who wins it? Hulk vs. Doctor Strange

Bull in a china shop has always been the most apt metaphor for the Hulk, who in a full rage, was destroying the castle in the process of hunting down Stephen Strange. If he got his enormous green hands on the Sorcerer Supreme, he would most assuredly rip him limb from limb.

Hulk vs. Doctor Strange“Bruce, please, find yourself. This isn’t a fight either of us wants,” pleaded the voice of Doctor Strange.  But no amount of reasoning would break the Hulk of his rage. The astral voice was barely even registering as words to Bruce.

Hulk continued to smash and rumble his way forward in search of his one and only objective–to destroy the Sorcerer Supreme once and for all.

But without fail, the moment he believed he was closing in on Strange, he suddenly felt as if the Doctor had ended up at the furthest point away from him. Banner would then turn on his heel and charge back in a blind fury from whence he came.

Each time the Hulk found a new corridor to destroy in his wake as he searched for the wizard. In a normal state, Bruce Banner may have wondered exactly how large this castle was, but as the Hulk, details like that never quite mattered as much.

No, all that mattered to the Hulk right now was the object of his rage. He had no other concern but to find and destroy. However, the finding was proving much harder this time than normal. And, of course, no one would blame Strange for avoiding a straight fight with the Incredible Hulk. But at some point Banner was bound to catch the Doctor before he could teleport away once again.

Just then Bruce took a hard right straight through a wall in the long hallway and nearly ran headlong into the sorcerer.  Before Strange could collect himself, the Hulk had him by the leg and sent him flying into the furthest wall.

In a split second, the Hulk was top of the Sorcerer Supreme and began raining fists upon his former ally.  He continued to pummel Doctor Strange for what seemed like…hours.  As he continued his obliteration of the wizard, he began to regain his rational thought.

Doctor-Strange-Comic-062215Slowly the process of him becoming Bruce Banner had begun; and all while he was still completely aware.  No exhaustion, no sleep, just a calming realization.  It was odd, he thought to himself, as he continued to swing his fists which were turning flesh colored once again, he was completely about his wits yet seemed to lack full control.

The drive to finish the job was still there.  He kept pounding, even as the feeling returned to his human form.  He realized his knuckles were red with blood, probably a mixture of his and Steven’s.  Finally, he was able to cease.

As he rose to his feet, he looked down at the former member of the defenders and wondered, how had it come to this?  Just then, an eerie sensation came over him.  None of this felt right.  Even in this grandiose rock castle, there was a certain lack of warmth.

It was as if the world around Banner was not whole, not solid…not real.  Or real to him.  He realized then and there that this battle was not taking place on Earth, but one of the nether dimensions in which Dr. Strange often inhabited.

Bruce Banner looked down again at where his fallen foe lay, and Strange was gone without a trace.

“Sorry dear old friend.”  Whispered Steven Strange as he slid the orb of Agamotto back into its cabinet and shut the door.  “This was not how I wanted this to go, but in this case, the ends justify the means.”  He locked the cabinet and left his study, leaving the Hulk stranded where he could never hurt anyone again.

Superhero Smackdown: Hulk vs. Doctor Strange

StrangeDoctor Strange wins it and moves on to the next round.

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