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Friday 5: The Nerd Culture Highlights of the Week

Friday 5 collects bits of news, fun, and updates on the week’s best nerdy things. Five quick links and your mana pool is replenished for the week. You’re welcome. Now, to the links!

Nerd Culture Highlights for the Week of October 30, 2016.

1. Well, what do we have here? Shall we get starter with a new Wonder Woman trailer?


2. And now for a movie that it doesn’t appear will exist.

Awesome-Mutant-Ninja-Turtles-WallpaperTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 2 vastly underperformed at the box office, so producer Andrew Form says that TMNT 3 probably won’t happen.

Click through for the full story.

via Collider.


3. Where would we be if fan theories didn’t exist? Well, get a load of this Breaking Bad and Walking Dead fans!


4. Do you lack creativity in naming your Dungeons and Dragons characters? 

If you need a little help with naming characters, then look no further than this Fantasy Name Generator.  It has Warcraft, D&D, Pathfinder, Mass Effect, Game of Thrones, and a billion more. The point is this: if you need a name, this name generator will help you.
5.  Season 4 of TableTop Began This Week

Wil Wheaton and friends are back to invite you to play more games. Unfortunately, one the first episode or so is available, then the rest is behind a paywall until 2017. So…kinda a yay, I guess? But let’s take what we can get and watch episode 401:

And we’re out of here, leaving you with 5 nerdy links. Hopefully they get you caught up on the big stories from nerd culture that you may have missed this week.



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