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What to Watch December 2016 on Streaming Services

We are living at Peak Nerd. You can’t possibly watch everything. But fear not! Like a Christmas angel getting his wings, we are here to help you find the hidden gems that coming to all the various streaming services for the month of December 2016!


December 1st sees a ton of romantic comedies dropping on Hulu but there are also a couple nerd-related titles. (Oh, you want a romantic comedy recommendation? 1991’s Doc Hollywood is a great one.)

Escape from LA. This 1997 sequel to the classic Escape from New York isn’t nearly a good as the original. But if you want to live in a society that seems to be fascinated with our bleak dystopian future, here is a good place to start.

Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon. When this movie was released in 2000, no one had any idea that its beauty and storytelling would elevate it to be much more than your standard kung-fu film. The Oscar buzz that happened on this one was well placed. A great film to check out if you never have.

Looking for a morbid all-day Christmas marathon? All the Friday the 13th movies drop at once, all the way through 1989’s Jason Takes Manhattan.

Later in the month, you can take it old school and revisit the Marvel movie that dared to dream that a cinematic universe was possible, as 2008’s Iron Man comes to the service.

amazon-instant-video-logoOn December 1, there aren’t a ton of new nerd-related titles. Strangely, Amazon is dropping a ton of old 1930s and 1940s Cowboy Westerns. So, when grandpa gets a little too wired on making America great again, simmer him down by showing him how white and vanilla Hollywood used to be.

On December 2, Amazon is dropping a new animated series, Lost in Oz, which looks like an excellent kid-friendly show set in the Wizard of Oz world.

On December 14, the SyFy network’s hit show from last year, The Expanse, has its first season come to the service. Think of it as a Game of Thrones for outer space.

Finally, the time warped series Man in the High Castle, which had an excellent season 1 last year, closes out 2017 with releasing its second season on December 16th.

I am not going to bury the lede when it comes to Netflix. Perhaps the best Christmas gift we are getting on December 25th is Captain America: Civil War is coming to Netflix. You can just sit in the in evidence of your excessive material Christmas and be reminded of the true meaning of Christmas: a young Spider-Man in the airport fight.

But before that, on December 1st, the service is dropping a few classics. Before there was ever a Sasquatch movement, we knew all about Bigfoots because of 1987’s Harry and the Hendersons. On the more science-y side, watch the life-like Honey, I Shrunk the Kids and weep for our lack of good Rick Moranis in the world today. Or, if you want to be reminded of an excellent Michael Bay movie (I know, I know…), The Rock is available, reminding you that Nicolas Cage could act at one point.

On December 9th, we get the original Scooby Gang of the Mythbusters in the new science testing series, The White Rabbit Project. It seems like an interesting return for Kari, Grant and Tori, who were not on the last season of the Mythbusters show.

On December 13th, the USA Network show The Colony has its first season hit the Netflix. With the premise about humans who are resisting an alien invasion. Word on the street about the show was good and I am looking forward to deep diving into the show.

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