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7 Board Games You Need in Your Life

I could easily accumulate a heaping hoard of miniatures, RPG books, and board games. I bet you could too. But in order to have room to walk around my house, I have to be judicious in what I keep in my collection. If I get one new item, I get rid of one old item (usually).

So here are 7 board games that I’m not parting with because I need them in my life. You might need them too.

7 Board Games You Need in Your Life

7. King of Tokyo This is a game that has largely been cast aside due to its follow-up, King of New York. But I need King of Tokyo in my life for one very simple reason: my kids love it.

King of Tokyo is a simple game where monsters smash each other. Its got colorful artwork and big, chunky dice that are fun to roll. So my kids love to play it and I love to play it with them.

We even house rule a couple things like we start with 3 cards, mainly to make it even more smashy.

It’s a modern board game staple and if you don’t have it, you need it. Get it here.


6. Dominion This is the game that is largely considered the Godfather of all deck building games and has held up over the years as still the among the best of them. That’s no small feat and is a testament to what a nice card game it is.

The theme of Dominion is bland and there isn’t a darned thing that is flashy about the gameplay. But it’s among the best games to pull out for new players. It’s simply to teach and allows for a relaxing evening with friends.

It is perhaps my wife’s favorite game, so we’ll often play just after the kids have gone to bed. Dominion should be in every board game collection. You need it in yours. Get it here.


5. Patchwork This is a newer game with the most grandma theme ever. Mix Tetris with quilt making and you have the two-player game Patchwork.

It’s super simple to teach and plays fast. That makes it perfect for those who are new to board games. My 8-year-old daughter plays it with her granddad. My wife and I play it. It is a a game that works with just about everyone.

The bonus is that the Tetris-like nature of it is a benefit, as I can see how it is teaching spacial awareness skills to my daughter.

Patchwork is a game with a quilt-making theme that would be easy to mock, except for the fact that its a wonderful game that works across generations. Get it here.


4. Star Wars Rebellion This is a game that is pretty much the exact opposite of every other game on this list. It could take days to teach, then days to play it.

But Star Wars Rebellion is the closest thing you’ll get to the movies in a box. And what a box it is! It’s a 10 pound behemoth that is full of boards and miniatures all the the little chits and pieces that makes a board game nerd happy.

Star Wars Rebellion is an experience. It’s not the kind of game you’ll play often, but when you do, you’ll make memories. OK, maybe this isn’t a game you need in your collection, but once you have it, you’ll never give it up. Get it here.


3. Bang the Dice Game! This is a game that’s good for a big group of people. You can teach it in 3 minutes and it can play in 20. And the whole thing fits in a little box that you can toss in the car or a backpack.

You roll dice and try to figure out who the Sheriff is. That’s pretty much it. But it’s a lot of fun.

Bang is a game that’s good for a group of teenagers or for a group of old friends after dinner. When my nephews come over there are 5 kids who are 8 or under. One adult can corral all of them with a game of Bang the Dice Game! That’s a game you need in your collection. Get it here.


2. Pandemic Legacy This is where I cheat on the list. I just removed Pandemic Legacy from my collection as my wife and I finished the game. But it was a great year-long experience for us and we can’t wait until season 2 of the game, which releases in late 2017.

Pandemic Legacy is listed as the #1 game on Board Game Geek. A ‘Legacy’ game is a game where your choices change the nature of your next play–the board is updated, pieces are added or taken away, cards are ripped up, etc.

Pandemic Legacy is a great game and makes for a great shared experience among friends or families. You need it in your collection. Get it here.


1. Cash ‘n Guns This is another game I keep almost entirely because my kids love it so much. But it’s also a game that is a ton of fun when you have friends over.

It comes with little foam guns and you pretend you are a gangster. Each round requires you to point your game at another player in hopes you can run off with the loot.

Cash ‘n Guns is a game that bring hoots and hollers to the table. You need it in your collection. Get it here.

Mileage will vary and I have many more board games in my collection. But the above 7 are ones that stick due to the reasons above. Whether it is a nice evening with my wife, a fun time with my kids, or a nice excuse to introduce friends to board games, the above 7 games are ones I need in my life. You should think about them for yourself.

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