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The Drift Episode Three: Interview with Skid Maher of the GCP

This is The Drift, a Starfinder Podcast presented by Nerds on Earth. In this episode 3 our host Jason Sansbury is joined by guest Skid Maher of the Glass Cannon Podcast in order to talk old school science fiction RPGs.

Notes for The Drift, Episode 3

Show notes:
Welcome to Skid Maher from the Glass Cannon Podcast! (You can learn about the GCP here and on their Patreon!)
First Edition Dungeons and Dragons (The Red Box!)
Robotech Role Playing Game
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and Other Strangeness
TMNT on Oprah
Beyond the Supernatural
Palladium Games
Hero Lab
@EarthNerdClave looks at if Traveller was a major influence on Firefly/Serenity
Frank Herbert’s Dune and the Dune Saga
Paizo Starfinder test play on YouTube
The Sword Warp Riders – 2010 Heavy Metal Album that Skid would use for his first Starfinder campaign
Skid’s currently nerding out on:
The Expanse
One Punch Man
Attack on Titan

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