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Nerds on Earth Presents Hall Fights, a Podcast about Marvel on Netflix

We here at Nerds on Earth are into comics. Some of us are really into comics. And nearly all of us are into movies and television shows that are about comics and superheroes. We have long covered the various Marvel and DC movies, but with the imminent release of the Netflix series The Defenders, we decide to do a podcast, where we talk about each of the characters, their comic history and their Netflix seasons thus far.

Daredevil: Episode one features Jason and Adkins talking about the Man Without Fear, Daredevil.

Jessica Jones: Episode two features Jason and Whit talking about the surprising choice of Jessica Jones as the second Marvel to Netflix character.

Luke Cage: Episode three features Jason and Clave talking about Luke Cage, his comic history and his stellar first season on Netflix.

Iron Fist: Episode four features Jason and Joe talking about the 4th and final character introduced before the Defenders releases: Iron Fist and how the comics and the show are similar and different.

All the episodes are available now and you can subscribe (iTunes) to get updates later as we review the Defenders and future seasons of the Marvel Netflix universe.

Nerd on Earth does many of our podcasts a little differently, calling it “Netflix style.” We drop all our episodes at once, meaning you don’t have to wait week to week to get them. You can also listen to them in in order or just pick out the characters you care about.

This is true of Hall fights, the example above. All the characters episodes dropped this week. We’re calling this “Season 1”, just as is often done on Netflix.

But it is up to you listeners to see if we get a season two! If Hall Fights meets certain listing thresholds, we’ll know that an audience is there and we’ll release a season two that covers the upcoming shows. So if you enjoy Hall Fights, please share it! And leave us iTunes reviews as those are a great measurement to see if a season 2 is in the future.

Thanks for listening!

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