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What to Listen to this Weekend: The 5 Best RPG Podcasts

For the week ending June 29, 2018

There is a glut of great RPG podcasts out there for nerds. So many, in fact, that it’s hard to know where to begin! But we’ve got you. These four podcasts are the best of the bunch, and should be at the top of your weekend listening list.

Then we have a rotating 5th slot where we’ll highlight a podcast that had a particularly great episode on something related to one of our favorite RPG systems. It could be news, reviews, DM tips, or it could just be a particularly good episode.

Tune in to hear what you’re missing!

What to Listen to this Weekend


The Glass Cannon Podcast

What is the Glass Cannon Podcast? Well, in the spirit of old school Dungeons and Dragons, a collection of five super-nerds (Joe O’Brien, Grant Berger, Matthew Capodicasa, Skid Maher, and Game Master Troy Lavallee) emerge blinking from their parents’ basements to engage in an Actual Play campaign of Paizo’s epic new Pathfinder adventure path, Giantslayer!

This week’s synopsis:

The thrilling battle with the eerie giant and undead Orfas comes to it’s nail-biting conclusion!

Here’s the link: Episode 161 – Of Scythe and Men.

Androids and Aliens

The aforementioned GCP crew take to the stars in an all new campaign in Paizo’s newest system: Starfinder. As a direct result of the Patreon support for Glass Cannon, they’re working through the Dead Suns AP in an all new podcast, and they’ve brought along a new cast member, Ellinor Dilorenzo!

This week’s synopsis:

Reeling from a vicious attack by two akatas, the crew of the Hippocampus continue their exploration of the Acreon.

Tune in to Episode 12 – Can’t Hardly Crate.

Nerds on Earth

With Sneak Attack! being on a brief hiatus between Seasons 1 and 2, we’ll take this opportunity to highlight our own podcast “Nerdy Jobs.”  In fact, we interviewed Ried (the DM) and Josh (Greaek) of Sneak Attack! for one of our episodes.  So in the absence of some actual play content with the crew of that podcast, tune in and get some behind the scenes content from some of its creators.

This week’s synopsis:

This episode of Nerdy Jobs features an interview with Reid and Josh from the Sneak Attack! podcast, a fan-favorite D&D podcast.

Here is it: Nerdy Jobs:  An Interview with Reid and Josh from Sneak Attack!

(Don’t worry, Sneak Attack! will be back soon with a brand new season 2!)


The Called Shot Podcast

The Called Shot Podcast is playing through the official Skull and Shackles Adventure Path from Paizo. Called Shot includes all the gloriously dense Pathfinder RPG rules but presents them in a swashbuckling pirate adventure!

This week’s synopsis:

Join the crew this week as they search the atoll!

Hard to port and right into Episode 47 – AQUABOOGIE!

Know Direction

This week’s featured podcast is another from Know Direction. Earth Nerd Adkins has been yammering on about how he wants to give the Pathfinder AP Hell’s Vengeance a try, so this one is for him!  And also for you if you’re curious about how an evil campaign might work along with some tips on how best to pull it off.

This episode’s synopsis:

Paizo has taken its first vile steps into their first evil Adventure Path, Hell’s Vengeance. In honor of all this evil, we have Stephen Radney-MacFarland on to talk about playing evil characters, running evil campaigns, and how the upcoming Ultimate Intrigue can add dimensions to your evil Pathfinder experience.

Click here to listen to Know Direction Episode 128 – Evil with Stephen Radney-MacFarland.


Happy listening!

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