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Farming in Iceland: Reviewing the Reykholt Board Game

The board game Reykholt released on February 6, but I have been playing a review copy for several weeks now. But–although I have a ton to say about the game–I want to keep this review very short.

Why a short review? Well, it’s a wonderful game, so why mince words? I want to simply offer a very few words so you can stop reading and start playing.

Reykholt Board Game Basics

Reykholt is a board game for 1-4 players about farming tomatoes, lettuce, or carrots on Iceland. It was designed by board gaming legend Uwe Rosenberg.

Players can take actions by selecting from an array of options on a central game board. These options allow players to seed new vegetables in greenhouses that ultimately allows them to achieve a greater and greater variety of vegetables, which they then turn in to move upwards along the scoring track.

Why I love the Reykholt Board Game

The Reykholt board game isn’t over-wrought; it’s slick and streamlined. The gameplay is engaging and enjoyable. If you like medium-weight “engine building” board games, then strongly consider the game.

It’s also beautifully crafted. It’s not a theme a person would imagine they’d enjoy, but enjoyable it is. The beautiful artwork helps it come alive, while little touches like cardboard vegetable crates give the game a sense of mirth and delight.

My one criticism is that the 2-player variant can feel a little thin. While flipping the game board over to restrict a 2-P game to a more limited number of options does keep the game balanced, it also makes it feel too restrictive in my opinion. A 2-P game is over just as it feels like it is getting going.

That’s it; that’s all I’ve got. Reykholt is a wonderful medium-weight board game! That’s the message I have for you, so let’s not belabor the point. Plus, it made my best-of list. So just go get the game!

Reykholt is available via Amazon, direct from Renegade Game Studios, or better yet, ask for it at your Friendly Local Game Shop (FLGS).

[Disclosure: Renegade Game Studios sent Nerds on Earth a copy of Reykholt in exchange for an honest review.]

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