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Pathfinder 2nd Edition is here!

It’s official: today is the launch of the highly anticipated Pathfinder 2nd Edition!

Paizo spends a lot of money as a sponsor of GenCon, so they historically have done their major product launches at GenCon. Just two years ago, we were treated to the amazing launch of Starfinder after all.

So, at GenCon, one year after the playtest launched to the wider public, we arrive at the launch of Pathfinder 2. Here are the available products:

First, you get the Core Rulebook, which weighs in at well over 600 pages. If you were worried about Pathfinder 2 having lost its reputation of having tons of character options, the size of the book is an indicator that you have nothing to worry about. Get it here.

But Paizo is also adding the core pieces of Pathfinder 2 in its first Bestiary filled with monsters. Coming in at 360 pages, those two books alone equal 1,000 pages of content. Get it here.

But, let’s be honest: Pathfinder isn’t at its best in the hands of home brewers; it shines in Pathfinder’s setting world of Golarion and its Adventure Paths (AP). Amanda Hamon writes the first part of the Age of Ashes AP, Hellknight Hill, which is a great title by a great author that has us Nerds pretty excited. What’s more, the AP is designed to give players a great look at the world of Golarion. Get it here.

Additionally, they are releasing an adventure written by Jason Buhlman–The Fall of Plaguestone–that I think will likely serve as a good first adventure for new people trying out Pathfinder. In fact, future adventures have been announced that signal an elevation of the adventure product line. It’s as if Paizo wants to remind roleplayers of their reputation of the best darned adventure writers in the business. Get it here.

Finally, they also are adding in some smart products to launch alongside it, continuing their flip mats, condition cards, updating the DMs screen (with both vertical and horizontal options, which is the first I have seen a major publisher do), as well as the combat pad, which great for tracking initiative and character sheets, because you got to have that at launch.

A Gamemastery Guide has been announced for later this year and the first Lost Omens book comes later this month. The Lost Omens books are nice products, as they combine two previously smaller floppy books into one nice 128 page hardcover. They will be great for fans of lore as well as player options. Get it here.

There are even minis coming.

Get all the details of the upcoming Pathfinder Second Edition (2e) products here.

This is a big deal. Nerds have forgotten that Pathfinder had a stretch where the game regularly outsold D&D. Pathfinder first edition had a ten year run, so the market was ready for a new edition out of Paizo. They delivered today and that has us excited!

So what about you? Did you pre-order or subscribe? (A reminder that Paizo subscribers get PDFs of each product for free, which may be super useful versus carrying around a 600+ page new rulebook!)

Again, find all the details at or just run out to your FLGS and pick up the core rulebook!

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