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Marvel Comics are Shipping Again! What I’ve Learned from Free Previews

I don’t read nearly as many comics as I used to. Often the $3.99 cover price of a single floppy prevents me from taking a flier on new comics, so I go with what I know. Currently, I’m reading a quirky mix of Marvel Unlimited binging and nostalgia-fueled classics like X-Tinction Agenda and GI JOE.

Then, of course, I’m devouring Jonathan Hickman’s modern take on the X-Men. That coupled with the absence of comics these last couple of months has sucked me into the Marvel Comics Free Previews marketing flyers / pamphlets / floppies that are given out at the counter at my Friendly Local Comic Shop (FLCS). In fact, Marvel comics has a LOT of pent-up comic energy.

Marvel Comics are Shipping Again!

Jonathan Hickman is still rolling the X-Men. The upcoming X of Swords event was so interesting that it generated its own article, so I’ll send you there for the details. But…it was delayed by COVID, so us Nerds are squeeing with excitement about what Marvel Previews tells you has been updated with X of Swords.

First, Hickman reimagined the X-Men the the House of X / Powers of X event, which generated 6 new X-Men titles known as the Dawn of X. Now the X-Men will have 10 magical sword bearers? You know what, I don’t even need context. I’m in!

We’re getting a relaunch of Iron Man. Marvel is all in on relaunches, despite the fact it ultimately generates diminishing returns. Iron Man is their latest reboot / relaunch.

We’ve covered this in a previous PUNCHLIST, so I’ll send you there if you are interested in more info.

marvel comics previews iron man

Some existing characters are getting mini-series. I like mini-series. If you know you will likely cancel a title after 5 issues or reboot it after 10, why not just tell a self-contained story in a mini-series format. An added bonus is it’s ready for future trade collection.

Good news, here are some coming Marvel mini-series:

  • Shang-Chi by Gene Luen Wang with art by Dike Ruan with Phillip Tan.
  • Juggernaut by comic book legend Fabian Nicieza with art by Ron Garney.

Some new titles. Although he movie was delayed, Black Widow will be getting a new title this September. But the most interesting new title is The Immortal She-Hulk by Al Ewing. The Immortal Hulk is a critical and fan darling, so giving the same treatment to She-Hulk is smart.

More on The Immortal She-Hulk in our latest PUNCHLIST.

Ultraman. Marvel Comics recognizes that manga and anime are big business, as is nostalgia. So it’s really no surprise that we’ll be seeing a throwback title in Ultraman. It’s a title that has the opportunity to find an international audience.

marvel comics previews ultraman

The current crossover event will wrap-up. Empire is Marvel’s latest event / crossover. Alas, I can’t tell when it is winding down and X of Swords is ramping up. I think September is the date, but Marvel has so many events that they bleed together and cannibalize sales from one another.

There are too many titles, in fact. Perhaps it’s time to give Marvel Unlimited a try. For a small monthly fee you can read tens of thousands of Marvel titles. The ones previewed above will come to the digital service 6 months after their print release in your FLCS, but with so many good Marvel comics to choose from (never mind the back catalog!), Marvel Unlimited is a great way to “preview” everything yourself!

For more Marvel previews, visit their release calendar.

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