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The Punchlist: This Week’s News for Nerds

Welcome to this week’s PUNCHLIST, where we round up the biggest news in nerd culture. It might be from the MCU, board gaming, D&D, and more. But whatever the news is this week, you can bet it will eventually separate you from your money.

7. Al Ewing to Bring Us The Immortal She-Hulk

Ewing has lead the much-praised Immortal Hulk and is also at the helm of the upcoming crossover event Empyre. Immortal She-Hulk will pick up Jennifer Walters’s story after those events.

+ More here: Immortal She-Hulk Announcement

6. Star Wars: A New ‘From a Certain Point of View’ Novel on the Way

On the 40th anniversary of Star Wars: A New Hope, we were treated with a collection of 40 stories from at least as many authors entitled Star Wars: From a Certain Point of View (which we reviewed here). Now we’ve come upon the 40th anniversary of Empire Strikes Back, and it was recently announced that it will receive the same treatment! The book is due out in November. The link below features a list of confirmed contributors to collection.

+ More here: From a Certain Point of View: The Empire Strikes Back

5. D&D’s Next Adventure is Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden

Announced during Wizard of the Coast’s Roll with Advantage streaming event, Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden is a horror-themed adventure due out in September. Catch our recap of the announcement below!

+More Here: Icewind Dale: Rime of the Frostmaiden Announced

4. Starfinder Minis are Finally on the Way from Wizkids

Paizo is releasing packaged, non-randomized sets of six figures each: Starfinder Battles: Galactic Villains and Starfinder Battles: Galactic Heroes. They give us a peek at just over half of the pre-painted figures in their announcement below – along with a promise of more to come!

+ More here: Wizkids Games’s Starfinder Minis Preview

3. Paizo Announces Starfinder Playtest Material

Beginning next month, you can playtest new material for Paizo’s Starfinder RPG system. Give the new Nanocyte class a whirl, and while you’re at it why not take a mech out for a spin?!

+ More here: Starfinder Playtest

2. New Pokémon Snap Game Announced

Announced alongside a slew of other new Pokémon offerings during the Pokémon Presents event, New Pokémon Snap revivifies a beloved game from over twenty years ago. Pokemon from multiple generations will appear in the game, and the internet nearly exploded with excitement after viewing the stills and trailer.

+ More here: New Pokémon Snap Coming to the Nintendo Switch

1. The Trailer for Hamilton Released

Disney+ subscribers will be able to stream a recorded version of the mega-hit Broadway show on July 3. It has been given a PG-13 rating after a ew f-bombs were edited out for broader appeal since “more than 1 utterance of ‘F - - k’ is an automatic R rating”. Catch the official trailer below!

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