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G4TV Returns and More of this Week’s News for Nerds

Welcome to this week’s PUNCHLIST, where we round up the biggest news in nerd culture. We highlight the tastiest morsel in some detail and then close you out with a link round-up.

G4TV Teases the Return of X-Play and Attack of the Show

Back in July of last year, G4TV’s Twitter account went active for the first time since 2013:

Dropped during last year’s ComicCon@Home event, it caused quite the stir among both the fans and the celebrity faces of the old television network. Adam Sessler, Olivia Munn, Morgan Webb, and others quickly jumped on the hype train.

Munn is confirmed to return and, after the successful #Creed4G4 campaign, Austin Creed aka WWE Wrestler Xavier Woods is also onboard.

A new tweet hit their feed on January 28, flashing the logos for the hit TV shows X-Play and Attack of the Show – confirming their return this summer:

X-Play tended to focus on video game content, whereas Attack of the Show was part pop culture news and part variety show.

In addition to all of that, G4 is currently hosting a weekly series broadcasting on YouTube and Twitch called B4G4 that is sort of play testing new material. 

“Until the regular G4 content is ready to be rolled out later this year, my team of Zoomer gig workers is going to be making a bunch of content on a bunch of platforms…This is a big experiment…And we’re going to want to know what you think. Tell us what you hate. Tell us what you love. Tell us what you’d be willing to spend discretionary income on.”

There is currently no confirmation regarding where G4’s new content will air.

The PUNCHLIST: More Notable Nerd News

+ Mass Effect: Legendary Edition Gets May 14th Release Date

+ Kevin Hart Confirmed as Roland in Borderlands Movie

+ Game of Thrones Animated Series in Discussion for HBO Max

+ Falcon and the Winter Soldier Episode 1 Promo Video

+ Teaser Trailer for Netflix’s Pacific Rim Animated Series

+ Wakanda TV Series Coming from Ryan Coogler

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