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7 Characters Who May Appear in the Upcoming Moon Knight Series on Disney+

Poe Dameron Oscar Issac has been sharing fun behind-the-scenes clips on his social media accounts as he trains for the fight sequences in the upcoming Moon Knight series on Disney+.

Never an A-lister, many casual fans won’t be familiar with Moon Knight when the show premieres. So, although we don’t have full cast information, below is a tease of 7 comic book characters who may appear in the series alongside Oscar Issac’s Moon Knight.

7 Moon Knight Characters

1. Marlene

Marlene is Marc Spector’s love interest in the comics. A historian and the daughter of an archeologist, Marlene joined her father in a search of ancient Egyptian archaeologist artifacts in the Sudan, where they discovered the tomb of the Pharaoh Seti III.

The mercenary Bushman learned about the discovery and planned to steal the treasures. Although seriously wounded, Spector thwarted the plan. Seemingly left for dead, Spector ultimately survived along with Marlene, but not before encountering the spirit of Khonshu who directed him toward the identity of Moon Knight. Or did he?

Marlene fell in love with Spector and they returned to America, living in a Long Island mansion. There, Spector became Moon Knight and Marlene his confidante. Importantly, Spector began using his Steven Grant persona as a financier and Jake Lockley persona as a cab driver, whose purpose was to gather information at street level.

KEY READING: Moon Knight volume 1, #1-10; Marc Spector Moon Knight

2. Frenchie

Jean-Paul Duchamp knew Marc Spector in his pre-merceny illegal fighting days and Marc took to calling him “Frenchie.” Their mercenary work took them to the failed archeological dig in Sudan, but their relationship grew even stronger when Marc became the Moon Knight and Frenchie worked as his pilot of the specially designed Moon-Chopper.

Or was it the Moon-Copter? You know what? It doesn’t matter.

Later, Frenchie was caught in a bomb blast and was outfitted with cybernetic legs. He also discovered he was a part of the Knights Templar bloodline. I predict he’ll be comedy relief in the Disney+ series and his French accent was decades before Fantomex.

KEY READING: Moon Knight volume 1, #10-16; Marc Spector Moon Knight

3. Bushman

Raul Bushman is Moon Knight’s OG villain. First, Bushman turned on Marc Spector in order to steal Egyptian artifacts, but then it became personal when Marlene was threatened with danger. Bushman would later seek vengeance against Spector for thwarting his double-cross.

Bushman was seemingly killed by Moon Knight in a gruesome rooftop fight sequence, only to be later resurrected by The Hood.

Bushman isn’t super-powered, he’s just a bad dude who will bring a great street-level menace to the Moon Knight Disney+ show. So, while he might not be an A-list Marvel villain you’ve heard a lot about, I predict that Bushman will quickly become a fan favorite and will be a rare opportunity where the MCU can flesh out a character beyond where the comics took them.

KEY READING: Moon Knight volume 1, #1-10

4. Randall Spector

In 1979 a mysterious serial killer known as the Hatchet Man was murdering nurses in New York City and Moon Knight eventually deduces that the killer is his estranged brother Randall. Moon Knight confronts his brother and thinks he is killed in the ensuing fight, only for it to be later retconned.

Randall later resurfaced as the Shadow Knight, claiming to be Khonshu’s next avatar on Earth as he attacked a pregnant Marlene.

Just like Bushman before him, Moon Knight’s 2nd major villain was personal to Marc Spector. With Ethan Hawke attached to the Disney+ Moon Knight series, many are speculating that Hawke might be playing Randall, but that is all entirely unconfirmed speculation. Regardless, both Randall Spector and Raul Bushman are underdeveloped characters that have the potential to be very engaging on the Disney+ series.

KEY READING: Hulk! Magazine 17; Shadowland crossover

5. Werewolf by Night

Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night #32, a 70s key comic book issue that will set you back thousands of dollars. And since Moon Knight first appeared in Werewolf by Night’s title, many are speculating that Werewolf by Night will appear in the Disney+ series.

We’ve written about Werewolf by Night before, so I’ll send you there for a deeper dive. In summary, Jack Russell turned into a Werewolf and was a part of Marvel’s popular supernatural horror comics of the 70s. Otherwise, the most significant appearance of the character was when Deadpool found him in bed with his wife and shot him in the face.

With Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness taking on a horror(ish) tone and a Blade movie confirmed, there is speculation that Marvel is setting up a supernatural horror corner of their universe through either the Midnight Sons or Legion of Monsters storylines. Werewolf by Night would be a natural inclusion in those storylines, making his appearance in the Moon Knight series plausible.

KEY READING: Werewolf by Night #1-35; Deadpool #17

6. Blade

It is confirmed that a Blade movie is coming, yet we know precious few details, including having no exact release date. Could the coyness in sharing a release date be because Kevin Feige and company plan to lay the groundwork for the movie in a couple of Disney+ shows, including Moon Knight?

Blade has obviously successfully appeared in movies before, but it didn’t have the deep ties to Marvel continuity that an official MCU project provides. So, to have the vampire hunter appear in Moon Knight – if even for a small role – would be tremendously exciting for fans and would build even more enthusiasm for Mahershala Ali in the role.

Besides, Blade and Moon Knight have longed worked in the same supernatural corner of the Marvel Universe, so his appearance in the Disney+ show wouldn’t be a stretch by any means, even though Blade wasn’t a regular guest in the early Moon Knight comics.

7. Doc Samson

Finally, a character appearance possibility based upon an aspect of Moon Knight that grew with the character. If you read old school Moon Knight #1, you are taken by how effortlessly Marc Spector changes personas because they are clearly roles he plays.

But there is a quick shift in the character over the course of the comic. Marc Spector’s changing personas are eventually written as Dissociative Identity Disorder (DID) by issue 10 of the comic and even his relationship with the Egyptian god Khonshu is sometimes written as a figment of Spector’s imagination.

So will the Disney+ show tell a version of the character from the angle of mental illness? If so, it also provides an opportunity to bring in Doc Samson to help him deal with that. Doc Samson is a psychiatrist who usually helps superheroes deal with their own issues. In fact, Samson was briefly featured in The Incredible Hulk movie, played by Ty Burrell of Modern Family fame. What if he returns for this series as a confidante for Marc and someone who helps him with his struggles?

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