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7 Key Marvel Comics that you can Buy for $20. For now.

Collecting comics is a wonderful hobby, particularly if you can add “key” issues to your collection at an affordable price. So, we set a budget at $20 and focused on Marvel key issues.

The reality is $20 won’t get you major keys in today’s inflationary market (thanks, Obama), but there are some interesting books to be had for a Tubman and each of the below are books you’ll be excited to have in your collection.

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Spider-Man Unlimited #1

The most recent RAW (meaning it hasn’t been graded and placed in a protected casing) pricing is $21.84 according to, so this is a minor key issue you can get for right around 20 clams, although eBayers will try to juice up the prices because they always do.

Spider-Man Unlimited features the first appearance of Shriek, which I would prefer would be Shrek, because I don’t care much for Venom, Carnage, and all the symbiote malarky Marvel has been throwing at the wall the last few decades, but I understand kids these days eat that symbiote stuff up.

Here’s the issue synopsis: “Carnage escapes and gathers homicidal allies. The funeral of Harry Osborn is held.; In a battle with the Scorpion, Spidey has a flashback to the day he became Spider-Man and has a chance to save Uncle Ben From the burglar; But can he do it in time?”

That’s an interning issue to have in a collection and worth speculating on in hopes Shriek might someday be introduced in the movies.

Shop around eBay for Spider-Man Unlimited #1 here.

Uncanny X-Men #239

Late 80s X-Men were wonderfully wild, which is not to be confused with “Wild & Wonderful,” the slogan of West Virginia. Late 80s X-Men had demons, love triangles, and cloning, which are three things you’d never expect to read in the same sentence, particularly one that followed another sentence that referenced West Virginia.

All those things came together in the Inferno storyline, which was a sprawling crossover that involved Mister Sinister. While the 1st appearance of Mister Sinister is a much pricier comic, Uncanny X-Men #239 features the 2nd appearance of Sinister and the first cover appearance.

The issue synopsis: “Mr. Sinister muses on the death of the X-Men as he begins the plot that will release Inferno. Storm learns that Jean Grey is still alive and Wolverine admits that he already knows. With Scott off with X-Factor and Polaris possessed by Malice, Havok and Madelyne grow closer.”

Shop eBay for Uncanny X-Men #239 here.

Punisher Annual #2

This one should be easy to come by at $20, so get the highest quality copy you can find. Why? Punisher Annual #2 features a fight between Punisher and Moon Knight. And with the Moon Knight series coming to Disney+, interest has been picking up on the title.

Further, it is a part of the Atlantis Attacks crossover that I believe will receive renewed interest after Namor and Atlantis are featured in the upcoming Wakanda Forever movie.

Again, not a major key issue but the purpose of this list is to discover some hidden potential for only 20 simoleans.

The issue synopsis: “Punisher and Moon Knight take down an operation where Viper is turning drug addicts into snake soldiers.; Micro tries to help out his neighborhood restaurant owner and gets tangled up in Asian gangs and war criminals.; Punisher takes the reader through a typical vigilante workout.; Conan keeps Thoth-Amon from obtaining the Serpent Crown. Seth takes center stage in the saga.”

Shop eBay for Punisher Annual #2 here.

Ironheart #1

This is the first solo series featuring Riri Williams, the young hero known as Ironheart.

In the small amount of time I was pulling together this list, Ironheart #1 has skyrocket in value, driven largely I assume on MCU rumors and confirmation that Riri will appear alongside Shuri in Wakanda Forever.

So why did I leave it on this list if there is no way it can be had for $20? Well, it was a $20 comic not too long ago! So it illustrates perfectly the volatility of comic book pricing and how that can surge based upon movie or show news or rumors.

I’m not a speculator. I just buy comics I like. I just happen to be older, so I’ve had love for Moon Knight and Savage She-Hulk comic for decades. The fact that my Moon kNight and Savage She-Hulk comics are increasing in value is gravy for me, not the reason I own them.

But if you do want to get into speculation, looking for comics like Ironheart #1 is a smart move. What was a $20 comic yesterday could very well be a $50 comic tomorrow. And, honestly, one way to look at it is that most comics will increase in value. You just have to live long enough.

Shop eBay for Ironheart #1 here.

Totally Awesome Hulk #15

This is a bit of a speculation comic that should still be easily found in flipping through longboxes.

Issue #15 of Totally Awesome Hulk introduced a new team called the Protectors. If you haven’t heard of the Protectors, then you aren’t alone. Totally Awesome Hulk was never an extremely popular character and the series wasn’t a brisk seller.

But what is interesting is who the members of the Protectors are and how they are slowly appearing in the MCU. Silk, Kamala Khan, Shang-Chi, Agent Jake Oh, Jimmy Woo and Amadeus Cho, Mr. Totally Awesome Hulk himself, are the members.

Jimmy Woo has already appeared in the MCU and was a break-out favorite from WandaVision. Ms. Marvel has a show coming to Disney+ soon. SO, the point here is that there is a lot of upside with the characters, so a $20 investment might just well pay off.

Shop around eBay for Totally Awesome Hulk #15 here.

Secret Wars #3 & 7

Once maligned and used as an example of everything wrong in the comic book industry, Jim Shooter’s Secret Wars is a hot comic again, finding its way out of $1 bins and onto the wall at comic shops. While you certainly won’t be able to find the $200 Secret Wars #8, I recommend getting any of the other issues you can find for $20.

But focus on issues 3 and 7, both of which can be found for $20, even if #3 will be a tough find at that price. Secret Wars #3 features the first appearances of Volcana and Titania, with Titania being confirmed to appear in the upcoming SHe-Hulk series on Disney+, being played by Jameela Jamil.

Secret Wars 7 features the first appearance of Julia Carpenter as Spider-Woman in the black costume. It’s another good issue from Secret Wars, a limited series that carries a tremendous amount of nostalgia with 80s comic book readers.

I just purchased a copy of each of them last weekend for $15 each.

Shop eBay for Secret Wars here.

Alpha Flight #33

Alpha Flight 33 features the very first Lady Deathstrike, a comic book character that flies under the radar, yet continues to hold relevance decade after decade. In fact, Lady Deathstrike is an upcoming Marvel Strike Force playable character in the Weapon X team. lists the average RAW price for Alpha Flight 33 at $19.99, meaning it hits our threshold perfectly. Better, it’s not a tough find and rather than chasing what is trending, look for values when collecting. Sometimes it’s best to simply consider a nice comics book, but one that isn’t the hottest ticket in town.

Shop eBay for Alpha Flight 33 here.

By the way, we’re buying comic book collections. If you want to unload anything from 5 to 100 boxes in one easy transaction, then please do reach out. clave [dot] jones [at] Click here for more details.

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