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7 Key Marvel Comics to Pick Up on a $100 Budget

Collecting comics is a wonderful hobby, particularly if you can add “key” issues to your collection at an affordable price. So, we set a budget at $100 and focused on Marvel key issues.

The reality is $100 won’t get you major keys in this market, but there are some interesting books to be had, books that you’ll be excited to own in your collection.

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Sensational She-Hulk #40

This is a controversial pick right off the bat because it’s a controversial comic. She-Hulk has always been objectified but never more so than in Sensational She-Hulk #40 where she is pictured for several straight pages jumping rope while she is naked. It has to be, uh, seen to be believed.

Sure, this was in during the Comics Code era and Marvel wasn’t going to go full nudity, but it’s a, uh, desirable comic nonetheless. And with the She-Hulk show coming to Disney+ soon, She-Hulk comics will be, uh, hot. Her first appearance will likely be priced out of reach of $100, making Sensational She-Hulk a comic worth jumping up and down for.

Shop eBay for Sensational She-Hulk 40 here.

Marvel Spotlight #28

Marvel Spotlight 28 features the first Moon Knight solo story, as well as the first appearance of Marlene, his long-time love interest.

With Moon Knight’s first appearance in Werewolf by Night 32 shooting into the thousands and even issue 1 of his first solo series breaking over the $100 mark, Marvel Spotlight might be the best key issue to search for.

Sure, it’s not his 1st, 2nd, or even 3rd appearance but it remains affordable for now and a 1st solo story is still a desirable key.

Shop eBay for Marvel Spotlight 28 here and do it quick, as it won’t stay around the $100 mark for long.

Iron Man #128

Iron Man 128 isn’t a title that speculators are clamoring over because there is an upcoming MCU storyline that they want ride for profit. Iron Man 128 is part 9 of the iconic “Demon in a Bottle” storyline that shows Tony Stark succumbing to alcoholism.

128 features the iconic cover by Bob Layton that shows a disheveled Tony Stark looking at himself in the mirror with a bottle of alcohol in arm’s reach.

It was a gripping and important storyline and that the cover drives home the emotion so well has driven the price to around $100.

Shop eBay for Iron Man 128 here and because you aren’t competing with speculators, this comic may be the bargain of the bunch.

Wolverine #1

Wolverine is such a popular character that it’s always worth it to own a key issue for the character. Alas, many Wolverine key issues are priced well beyond the $100 budget we set for this list, but Wolverine volume 2 #1 might eek in around $100.

Wolverine got his first solo story via a 4-issue miniseries that ran in the early 80s. But it wasn’t until the late 80s that we got an ongoing Wolverine series and the first issue is a great comic to have in a collection.

It’s nowhere near his first appearance but it does debut his black costume and the “Patch” persona, so it’s remains a great get for the price.

Shop around eBay for Wolverine 1 here.

Thor #1

I’m talking about volume 4 of the comics, which was published in 2014 and features Jane Foster as Thor on the cover. The storyline of Thor: Love and Thunder has made this a hot book, with value even in the 4th printing.

It’s also a difficult comic to figure out what you want. As I said, this is volume 4, meaning it is released in today’s modern era where frequent relaunches confuse the market place. That is exacerbates by the fact that there is at least 15 variant covers for the comic, so good luck decifering the value in all that.

I share it because, while it is confusing, it certainly is a key issue. Jane Foster as Thor was the most exciting thing to happen to the title in 20 years and that upcoming movie will only heighten that.

(If you want a deep cut, consider What if?… 10, which first featured Jane Foster as Thor. It can be had for about $100 as well but gives you a Bronze Age comic rather than a Modern.)

Shop around eBay for Thor 1 here.

Marvel Super-Heroes #8

The 80-page Marvel Super-Heroes Winter Special 8 from 1991 is Squirrel Girl’s first appearance and typically goes for around $100, or a little more if you pay eBay prices. Being that it is one of those random books that just kind of drops in outside of a major character’s run, the book didn’t make it into too many people’s collections, making it a little bit of a hunt to find.

Sure, Squirrel Girl is a somewhat farcical character but she’s also really fun and a ray of sunshine in a bleak, deconstructionist age of comics. While you never let Donny Cates write her, you’ll enjoy owning her first appearance. We’ve written about Squirrel Girl before.

Shop around eBay for Marvel Super-Heroes 8 here.

Star Wars #81

WIth the Book of Boba Fett set to premiere soon on Disney+, this comic may have already soared past the $100 mark but it would be a sweet get if you can find one.

Star Wars #81 tells the story of Boba Fett escaping the sarlacc pit, a scene from Return of the Jedi that fans have been wondering about for decades. Will Book of Boba Fett have flashbacks that show Fett’s escape? We don’t know. For now, Star Wars #81 is all we have.

Shop eBay for Star Wars 81 here.

By the way, we’re buying comic book collections. If you want to unload anything from 5 to 100 boxes in one easy transaction, then please do reach out. clave [dot] jones [at] Click here for more details.

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