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Marvel Agents of SHIELD: A Look Ahead to Season 2

At the start of the 2013-2014 television season, no show had more interest among the nerd community than the ABC television show Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

Last post I recapped Season 1. This post, we’ll look ahead to what might be in store for Season 2.


Agents of SHIELD Moving Forward

THE MARVEL UNIVERSE DEAL WILL ONLY WORK ONE WAY.  I have seen some thoughts and questions about will the show ever impact the greater movie universe and my gut says no.

For example, there has been some speculation that Skye becomes a bigger hero because of the alien goo running in her.  And I just don’t see that being feasible.  Powers?  Yes. Role in an Avengers movie? No.

I also have seen speculation that the Big Blue Alien could be the catalyst that launches us into the Kree/Not Skrull war that some people see as the obvious Avengers/Guardians of the Galaxy movie that is eventually coming.  Again, I don’t see it.  (The cinematic rights for the Skrulls are likely in the hands of the Sony Fantastic Four Universe that has a relaunch happening soon, so a new alien group will have to be created or submitted in their place in that classic storyline.)


  • Skye’s history and parents.
  • How bad off is Fitz?
  • More backstory.  Particularly, I could see them telling the backstory of Fitz and Simmons as they work to resolve his health early in the season.
  • What is the effect of that goo on Skye and Coulson?
  • What do they do with Ward?  Personally, this one needs to lie dormant for a bit.  Long term, best guess in Team Whedon world, they want to do for him what they did for Spike in Buffy.  But to make that happen in season 2 seems really forced to me.  And I also don’t want him to escape and be the Big Bad for all of next season.  It needs slow burn.Ward
  • What happens with the movie tie-ins? Does the Guardians of the Galaxy have a tie-in to early episodes?  How will Avengers 2 (coming towards the end of the television season) impact SHIELD?
  • What about the Netflix Marvel shows?  My quick take, no crossover.  The nature of the Netflix shows is that they will drop whole seasons all at once.  So the matched pacing, etc. will be impossible to pull off.  Eventually, I could see a SHIELD and Defenders cross-over but not early on.
  • Do they smartly avoid major time travel voodoo crossing over with the new ABC Agent Carter show?  The temptation is to do some time travel mojo to get cross promotion going but I am unconfident that it will work. (Joss Whedon’s time travel arc in the Marvel Comics Runaways series is by far his worst work in my opinion.  I would hate to see Team Whedon play with time travel and mess up 2 shows for an extended period.)

So what were the standout moments of season one to you?  What moments made you cringe?  What are you looking forward to seeing on screen in season two and beyond?

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