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Analysis Paralysis: A Common Nerd Disease

Graphic by Kate Turner

Even though we readily admitted that Nerds on Earth would drop with a soft launch and would only slowly build over time, there has still been a noticeable lack of content.

One would think it would be easy to write for NoE. All you have to do is form 600 words into complete sentences about something in the nerd culture that interests us. That’s it. There is no STEP 2.

Well, press “publish.” But still, pretty easy, right?

Well…no, actually. Here’s some language to attempt to describe “nerdy interests”, as provided by Wikipedia, the source of all truth:

Nerd interests are…intellectual, academic, or technical hobbies, activities, and pursuits, especially topics related to science, mathematics, engineering, linguistics, history and technology. Hobbies, games, and activities that can be described as obsessive such as trading cards, comic books, fantasy and science fiction novels, television programs and films, role-playing games, tabletop games, and video games.

First of all, to read that definition makes me proud to be a nerd. Second, WHEW! That’s a broad range of topics and interests!

Which brings me to my point, some 200 words later. We haven’t written much because we don’t know where to start. Analysis paralysis is a disease that injects it’s creepy little tentacles into all of us nerds.

So while we’re still trying to discover what our particular niche is on this beautiful earth of ours, I can share some broad thoughts of what you’ll be seeing very soon on the site.

  1. Lists. The is the freakin’ internet, man. It would be irresponsible for us NOT to list our 7 favorite X-Men. What’s that? You want the 7 Most Dastarbly X-Men Villians?!?! You got it, brony.
  2. Board Games. It’s a digital world, but darned if it isn’t awesome to get a little analog wit it. Soon we’ll be hearing from Turff, who has a droll worthy collection of modern board games.
  3. TV and Sci-Fi Movie Reviews. Jason has one of those fancy passes that gets him into every movie. (Seriously, how do I get one of those?!!?) He’s also keen to providing thoughtful opinion of some of the best TV right now, like The Walking Dead and Agents of SHIELD (Here’s a look ahead to Season 2).

We also might dabble in Arduino/Maker stuff, video games, LEGO, comic reviews, iOS game reviews, or any of the million options that makes being a nerd so great. Us nerds love nothing more than to obsess over the things we are passionate about. Right now we’re obsessing a bit about where to focus our writing.

Let us know what’s important to you. That might help unthaw our paralysis.

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