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Is Vision the Linchpin for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe?

Marvel's Avengers: Age Of Ultron Vison (Paul Bettany) Ph: Film Frame ©Marvel 2015

Coming out of Avengers: Age of Ultron, one of the most interesting developments of the movie was the creation and introduction of the character The Vision.

Comic book purists know that they significantly tweaked the Vision’s origin story. In the comics, the Vision is an android creation of Ultron, who was created by Henry Pym, the first Ant-Man. The Vision consequently rebels against his creator, gets the mind map of another hero, Wonder Man, and begins a relationship with the Scarlet Witch that includes (maybe?) the birth of twins from that relationship.

The movie changes are significant. One, the Vision is made from Wakandan vibranium. Two, Thor is involved in the process. Three, one of the Infinity Stones is involved. And while the Vision is tied to Ultron, he isn’t really a product of Ultron.

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So what do those changes mean? Allow me some wild speculation: The Vision is the centerpiece of the next wave of Marvel movies.

Coming down the pipe, we have a variety of movies that many have wondered how they will all come together. Look at the upcoming list: Civil War, Doctor Strange, Guardians 2, Thor: Ragnarok, and the Black Panther.

1. The Vision has moved from a science creation to more of a mystical and mythological creation. Doctor Strange is a looming movie for Marvel. The plan may have been to leave him apart from the other pieces of the MCU. But instead, I think the mystical nature of the Vision may introduce Doctor Strange in a new and different way. It seems pointless to just make that change and it seems even more important when you know that there is much on the cutting room from of Avengers: Age of Ultron involving Thor and his walkabout.

avengers-age-of-ultron-character-poster-vision-feature-888x4562. The Vision could easily be a space property. In some ways, he is already other-worldly. Could he be a guest in the next Guardians? Maybe he is drawn there because of the Infinity gem inside him. Of all the current Marvel characters on Earth in the movies, the Vision is the best bet to be space bound, especially if Thanos looms large. (All of that is, of course, if they aren’t going to send the Hulk into space, using the Planet Hulk storyline.)

3. The Vision being made of Wakandan vibranium means that he is a natural tie-in to the upcoming Black Panther movie. Maybe he needs some repair work. Maybe he just wants to get back to his roots? After the general introduction of the country in the Avengers, this is a chance to go deep and develop it out some more.

4. The Vision and Scarlet Witch angle could be tremendous in the upcoming Avengers team dynamics. Those two characters held down the Avengers Mansion and later the West Coast Avengers bungalows for a long, long time. If I was Marvel and wanted to make sure that the next wave of my Avengers movie had some core character development, those two and their romance would be a great, easy fit.

All of this, for me, leaves me excited. Is Vision the Linchpin for Phase 3 of the Marvel Cinematic Universe? It’s anyone’s guess, but the Vision is a great character and he deserves some attention. With the shifts in origin (that seem very intentional) it could mean that the mystical, technological, scientific Vision could be a key component in the next wave of the Marvel universe.

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