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7 Types of Wizard Hats

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Twain said that ‘clothes make the man’, so does the hat make the wizard?

For no other reason than wizards are cool, we’re going to go into an area rarely entertained here at Nerds on Earth: Fashion.

History is full of pointy hats, but perhaps none are pointier than the good ‘ole wizard / witch hat. But a pointed hat is not the only trick a wizard has up the sleeve of his robe. There have actually been several types of wizard hats prominently featured by magic users. Let’s judge them on the merits of their fashionability.

7 Types of Wizard Hats


The Gandalf (See also, The Merlin)

The Gandalf. The hat against all wizard hats are judged. Click to embiggen.

A wizard is never late. Nor is he ever early. But with his stylish pointed hat, he’ll arrive in style precisely when he meant to.

Let’s start with the classic, the type of wizard hat that all wizards are judged against. And after the appearance of the Wicked Witch of the West, all witches are judged against this hat as well.

And why not? The Gandalf’s worn-in, weathered look is sure to please even the most curmudgeonly of wizards. In addition, it will protect against the elements and looks great with a robe.

The Zatanna (Topper)

This stylish looking top hat is the envy of stage magicians. It comes in one color, black, but magic users who want to push the envelope might add an inch or two to it’s height.

The extra height is unnecessary however, as the Zantanna acts as a Bag of Holding, capable of holding a near limitless amount of stuff inside a tiny pocket dimension. You know, rabbits and stuff.

The Raistlin (Raistlin Majere) The Hood

Dragonlance Hooded Wizard
The Raistlin Hood, for the magic-user who wants to look mysterious.

Raistlin’s entire existence has been about garnering more power. And what could denote power better than a mysterious hood?

A character in Tracy Hickman & Margaret Weis’ Dragonlance novels, Raistlin is a magic-user with golden skin, hourglass eyes, and a sweet hood that accentuates his all-powerful staff. Too bad he is corrupted (or did the hood corrupt him?)

With a simple charm to make it waterproof, the Raistlin hood is perfect for long trips in the elements.  Curiously, it does smell faintly of blood.

The Dumbledore (a tassel hat)

The Dumbledore.

Despite looking old and out of fashion, this elegant hat conveys the noble bearing of an academic, but too bad it smells like old parchment. Although it is sewn together meticulously by elves, so this hat is sure to have a trick or two tucked into it’s hems.

This scholastic looking hat is no good in the elements, nor would it ever gain wide traction among magic-users, had it not been for Dumbledore, who wears it so well. But on his recommendation alone, I know I want one.

The Morgan Le Fay

Morgan Le Fay
The Morgan Le Fay, headwear made simple.

This simple circlet has been worn in hundreds of styles by hundreds of sorceresses.

Hardly a hat at all, the Le Fay is more like an accessory, but what an accessory it is. Practical, yet beautiful, the Le Fay can be used to hold back a magic users hair, as well as be bedazzled with jewels and flowers. This makes it both suitable for a King’s Court or within a Druid’s Circle.

The Dresden

The Dresden, a wizard that that can both attract and repel the ladies.

The hat of choice for any lonely young wizard wanting to look both dapper and more mysterious. However, any wizard wearing this who doesn’t have a charisma score of 15 or higher repels the opposite sex.

The Dresden, of course, was popularized by Harry Dresden, Wizard.

Note: Evil wizards can fashion a similar form called the “dreadora.”

The Willow

The Wilow. Headwear proof that clothes don’t necessarily make the magic user.

The Willow is proof that the hat isn’t everything when it comes to wizards. Can a magic user be hopelessly out of style, yet still practice the magic necessary to stave off vampires? The Willow is proof that it’s possible.


As you can see, there are more types of wizard hats than one might imagine. Now take a look at how to build a wizard staff.

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