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How to Become a Vampire on a Budget!

Halloween is coming up this week, and I’m having the hardest time trying to decide which costume I want to wear. At the moment I’m thinking vampire.

Want to become a vampire over night without the hassle of getting bitten? I’m here to show you some cheap and easy vampire tricks that will convince everyone of your bloodlust.

[divider]Fangtastic! Cheap and Easy Vampire Tricks. [/divider]

We all know you can’t be a vampire without your sweet set of fangs. You can always buy fangs online or at a Party City, but I went with the DIY route.


Materials used:

  • Artificial nails (natural color/ color closest to your teeth color)
  • Fixodent Denture Adhesive Cream
  • Scissors and nail filer

Place the fake nails up to your canine teeth and figure out the shape and length you want your fangs. Once you figure that out, cut two slants on one side of the nail to form a sharp point. After you cut it you can use a nail filer to smooth the edges and even file down the point to make sure you don’t accidentally bite your lip.

Then again, the real blood would look realistic, so go big or go home, right?

Once you got your finished fangs put a small dot in the inner part of the nail and press it on your tooth. Hold the fang briefly in desired place. Then repeat for your other fang. Always look at the instructions that come with your products you use for directions  and dosage warnings.


And boom! Flash that scary but charming smile.

But Morgan, how do I remove my fangs?” As cool as you will look with fangs, you might not want to be stuck as a vampire, that would suck. Get it? Suck! Groan all you want, my puns will never cease!

The denture adhesive will actually come off pretty easily with some warm water. Just swish around the warm water for a bit, and the glue should loosen.

[divider]O Positive Cocktail, A Vampire Delicacy.[/divider]

I’m not done with cheap and easy vampire tricks. If you’re a vampire on a budget and don’t feel like buying your blood online or at a party store, then I got a fake blood recipe that creates enough to make a vampire feel more stuffed than a Fangsgiving dinner!


  • Red food coloring
  • Corn Syrup
  • Cocoa Powder
  • Flour

This fake blood is non-toxic and edible so no worries about getting it near or in your mouth. Now there are many different types of blood. Light colored, dark colored, thick, thin. The most realistic look/consistency I went for was a darker and thicker.

  1. Take 1 1/2 cups of corn syrup and pour it into a mixing bowl.
  2. Slowly pour in water and mix until you are happy with the consistency.
  3. Then gradually add drops of red floor coloring and mixed.
  4. IMG_6395After you get the nice rich red look you want, add about a tbsp of cocoa powder.
  5. Then add about 1/2 cup of flour and mix it all together.
  6. In order to get the blood to really thicken and start to get that rich dark color, you need to heat it up. I heated it up on low heat on the stove.
  7. Once everything is completely blended, put it back in your mixing bowl and let it cool in the fridge or freezer if you want it to cool quickly.

Mix it all together and adapt the recipe however you like. Test it out, and you could keep a bottle or container of the left over blood to take with you through the night to touch up. Or you can take the left overs and put them in glasses and do a photoshoot like I did with my friends.

Get it?! Vampires don’t have reflections. Sorry, couldn’t resist.

For these cheap and easy vampire tricks, I spent no more than $20 on all the supplies used, and all of the items are extremely easy to find in drug stores and grocery stores. Now your last minute halloween costume can be an awesome looking vampire with tasty blood!

If you want to learn more costume tricks to make on a budget, send some questions in the comments below and I’ll gladly answer them. Happy Early Halloween, everyone!






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